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  • Sep 24 2016

    London protest demands release of Charlotte video, justice for Sean Rigg

      50 BLM protesters gathered last night outside the US embassy in solidarity with Charlotte and the fight for justice by all the victims of police racist violence in the US. The release of the video from the Scott family is in sharp contrast to the continuing refusal of the police to let the public […]

  • Aug 01 2016

    Biggest turnout in years for reparations March

    From The Voice Thousands March To Parliament Demanding Reparations ‘We will honour our ancestors whether Britain likes it or not’ Written by Elizabeth Pears 04/08/2015 05:14 PM THOUSANDS OF people marched peacefully from Brixton to Parliament on Saturday (Aug 1) to mark Emancipation Day and reiterate calls for reparations. The procession, which united people of […]

  • Jul 21 2016

    Black lives matter open meeting – Dalston mosque

    Full report to follow. Very successful meeting attended by 120 people, encompassing leading protest organisers and activists and others. Subjects covered included future action, intervention at this year’s Notting Hill carnival, music events, media and publicity, policing, stop and search, economics, boycotts and much more. we have set ourselves up as Black Lives Matter UK […]

  • Jul 20 2016

    Come to the Black Lives Matter meeting tonight at Dalston mosque

    The media in London are trying to blame BLM for the trouble in Hyde Park last night just because some black kids were apparently involved. Blame the system of racsim and inequality for creating a society where a minority of young people feel the need to carry knives instead of picking on the victims and […]