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  • Jun 26 2017

    Riot police attack peaceful protesters fighting for justice for Edson Da Costa

    Protesters besieged Forest Gate police station in east London yesterday in protest at the killing of Edson Da Costa. The peaceful protest saw people march to Stratford station where they were greeted by a massive ver reaction by the police who bussed in hundreds of riot police when there was no riot taking place. Later, […]

  • Jun 26 2017

    Protesters furious with the cops demand justice for Edson Da Costa

    From Socialist Worker Bitter anger against the police burst onto the streets of east London last night, Sunday. Hundreds of people protested demanding justice for Edir Frederico Da Costa, known as Edson, who died after being arrested on 15 June. “The police killed Edson,” one protester told Socialist Worker. “They lied about what happened and we will […]

  • Feb 13 2017

    Justice for Théo – Protest on Friday 17th February 6pm, French Embassy

    Protest on Friday 17th February 6pm, French Embassy ‎58 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7JT Albert Gate, opposite Kuwaiti embassy. Nearest tube is Knightsbridge (Piccadilly line). Justice For Théo #justicepourtheo Théo, a 22-year-old youth worker, was arrested last week in Aulnay-sous-Bois in the northern suburbs of Paris and anally raped by racist French police. A police investigation […]

  • Feb 12 2017

    #justicepourtheo – jail racist French police rapists

    The French police’s rape of Theo (his full name hasn’t been released yet) has unleashed a wave of protests in France. Four police officers have been charged with assault and one with rape. Unfortunately in racist France this is no guarantee that justice will be done. This assault is a graphic illustration of the daily […]

  • Jan 27 2017

    Racist Met cop openly admits to racial profiling of black DJ in car stop

    The police seem to be intent on starting more riots with their brazen racism. From the Guardian – The police watchdog has launched an investigation after an officer pulled over a DJ driving a Bentley in central London and told him that black people driving in “gangster-style clothing” are more likely to be stopped. DMO […]

  • Jan 25 2017

    Lily Allen speaks out against Trump, puts black artists to shame

    Where are the Black artists standing up to Trump? Come on people it’s time to get serious. Viva Lily Allen. See if you can spot the Black Lives Matter Movement activists in the video. Black and white unite and fight! We have nothing to lose but our chains. Trump is no friend of working people, […]

  • Jan 23 2017

    Five Met police pigs pick on 10-year-old black boy. They must be punished

    Anyone with further information on this incident please contact BLMM.

  • Jan 20 2017

    Racist Bristol police Taser their own race relations adviser

    Police in Bristol Tasered their own race equality adviser, 63-year-old Judah Adunbi. Racism runs deep in the British police force, as it does in the racist Tory government. Adunbi,was walking his dog near his Bristol home on Saturday when he was ‘mistaken’ by police for a wanted man. He argued with officers who demanded he give […]

  • Jan 19 2017

    Protest the Trump inauguration #J20 @US embassy and across the UK

    Join the Dump Trump protests this Friday and the Women’s march on Saturday. Trump is a clear and present danger to people of colour and all working people. We will not let his hate and division beat us. Let’s unite the struggles of all progressive forces in a movement to push back this bigot and […]

  • Jan 03 2017

    Huddersfield man Mohammed Yassar Yaqoob shot and killed by police

    From the Guardian – An investigation is under way after a man was shot and killed by police during a pre-planned operation on the M62 motorway in Huddersfield. Police said the incident was not terrorism-related, adding that there had been five arrests: three at the scene and two in a “related stop” of another vehicle […]