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Black lives matter protest Apple Store London

On 29th July we sent a letter to Nike and Apple demanding that they make a statement condemning  the killing of black people by US police. Neither corporation has replied. We paid them a visit. Nike, we protested outside due to the police presence but at Apple we entered and updated its customers on racist policing in the US and Britain.


Protest Oxford Circus Friday 29th July 6.30pm

Black Lives Matter protest on Friday 29th July 6.30pm, starting at London’s Oxford Circus.

The protest will be targeting major US corporations in an act of solidarity with those battling police racism in the US and highlighting similar issues here in this country, brought into sharp relief following the release of the latest report on UK deaths in police custody.

Hundreds turn out for Black Lives Matter rally in Sheffield

From the Sheffield Star

Hundreds of people marched peacefully through Sheffield as part of the rapidly spreading Black Lives Matter movement.

The Sheffield Black Lives Matter march mirrored peaceful protest seen in other cities like Leeds and Manchester, Bristol and Cardiff, Birmingham and London over the past few weeks.

The movement organisers said to wanted to show solidarity with movements across the USA after two high profile killings of black citizens by police officers.

Campaigners also came out to remember those who lost their lives in police custody in the UK and denounced racism and xenophobia in all levels of society. more

‘Black fist’ march to US embassy

Marching from Canary Wharf. Set to arrive at US embassy at around 1pm

Well done to Adam and Birungi for organising today’s march from Canary Wharf and protest at the US embassy.