Dalian Atkinson family’s fight for justice – killer cop found guilty

The brutal killing of ex-footballer Dalian Atkinson by police officer PC Benjamin Monk has led to the first conviction in 40 years of a police officer for such a crime.

Unfortunately his partner that night has walked free from the court after the jury failed to reach a verdict.

Nevertheless, despite the appalling five years it took for the case to come to court, and the fact that he was not found guilty of murder, there has been justice of a sort done in his conviction for the crime of manslaughter.

But none of that is any thanks to the police. Although a different force, in a separate case (sadly not in court), the inquiry into the murder of Daniel Morgan found that the Met police is institutionally corrupt – there is no reasson to expect the rest of the British police force to be any different.

However, the real heroes, as always are the families that won’t give up their fights for justice.

Tasered for at least 33 seconds, kicked in the head at least twice while incapacitated on the ground, this was violence dished out with callous impunity.

The imprint of Monk’s boot in Dalian’s head is sickening. The countless witnesses to the distressed state of mind that Dalian Atkinson was in, made it obvious that he needed medical help not police brutality.

Police institutionally corrupt, racist and sexist

The lack of humanity of this policeman and woman is shocking to ordinary people, but is presumably just par for the course for their colleagues. Indeed, we cannot help but concluding that the police is not just institutionally corrupt, racist and sexist but institutionally inhuman – its attracts bullies and sadist; people who love to enforce their power over others, especially those deemed inferior, such as black people.

If anyone wants to know why the Tory party and the British government has been attacking BLM and England footballers Taking the Knee, this is why. They British establishment wants to try and hide from the world its institutionally racist state. If we keep on protesting, keep on fighting for justice for all they will not succeed.

Dalian Atkinson – Rest in Power. Now let’s redouble the fight for justice for the other approximately 1,750 people who have died at the hands of the police since 1990.

Monks will be sentenced on Monday.