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Ban Tasers – Scrap Section 60 stop and search law – protest Sat 4th July

End stop & search – Ban Tasers. Protest – Sat 4 July 12 noon Ducketts Common Turnpike Lane N8 #justiceformarkduggan #justiceforcynthiajarrett #justiceforjoygardner #justiceforrogersylvester #justiceforjermainebaker #BlackLivesMatterUK #LDNBLM #BLMUK #NoJusticeNoPeace ✊✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?

Keep going for Breonna Taylor – protest on Sat 11 July across the UK

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Let us know if a protest is planned in your city, town or village!

Justice for Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry

There have been calls to widen the focus of these protests to include the cases of Nicole Smallman, 27, and Bibaa Henry, 46.

Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry

The sisters were murdered but the police treatment of the families has shocked the country.

The police refused to search for the sisters when the family asked for help to find them. A boyfriend of one of the sisters eventually found the bodies.

Police officers involved in the inquiry took photographs of the deceased and allegedly shared the selfies on some of their social media.

This level of dehumanisation of black women is truly horrendous, not to mention racist. The officers have been suspended.

At the least, the police officers who took the disgusting selfies should be sacked forthwith and then prosecuted for misconduct in a public office.

Two days ago an 18-year-old man was arrested after the police were forced to put resources into hunting down the suspect.

Full report here.

#TakeTheKnee events from around the UK – pics and reports, Wednesday 21 July

First BLM protest in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

50 to 60 people took part in Take the Knee event outside Notts County Council offices.

Led by SUTR and supported by the Labour Group with an excellent turnout of Councillors

Wanstead flats Newham, East London

Islington Town Hall, London

Swansea Cwmdonkin Park before an online rally took place


25 NHS staff joined the #TakeTheKnee event at Littlemore hospital, Oxford, to say #BlackLivesMatter

London BLM protest Marble Arch to Downing Street – Sunday 5th July 2pm

Called by All Black Lives UK

Assemble 2pm Marble Arch for march to Downing Street. Protest ends at 6pm. Wear PPE.

updated 15:08 BST 5th July

A march against the war in Yemen taking place at the same time. Our government is complicit in the war crimes being committed by Saudi Arabia with the help of British-made weapons.

On struggle one fight!

Justice for Shukri Abdi – protest Hyde Park London Saturday 27th June 1pm

Below is the text from the petition started nearly a year ago demanding a full investigation into the drowning of Shurki, which many suspect was in fact an act or murder. The campaign is supported by John Boyega and the daughter of Malcolm X, Ilyasah Shabazz, and US rapper Ice Cube.

We call for a criminal investigation to be opened into the circumstances surrounding the death of Shukri Abdi and for a criminal prosecution to take place

We want a fair trial in the case where we get fair justice for the murder of Shukri Abdi – we do not want it to be brushed under the carpet like nothing happened. And we want to see appropriate action taken against those who were involved in the murder of Shukri Abdi.

We want to see Real Justice – based upon a proper and full criminal investigation which should be opened ASAP – and not brushed away like it was 11 months ago.

12-year-old Shurki drowned in the River Irwell in Greater Manchester.

Greater Manchester Police said it was treating what happened as a “tragic incident” and did not believe there were any suspicious circumstances.

Shukri’s family, who live in Bury, said she could not swim and playing by the river was “out of character”.

Her uncle, Mustaf Omar, said: “She was a sweet, innocent child. Her mum is absolutely destroyed.”

“Everything about it is out of character for her.

“She couldn’t swim so she wouldn’t even go near the edge.”

Shukri, from Somalia, was the eldest of five children and was new to the country, Mr Omar said.

She attended Broad Oak Sports College.

Head teacher Paul Greenhalgh said: “Shukri was a lovely young girl, always smiling, always wanting to please people and work hard.”

Sign the petition

Grenfell third anniversary 14 June – silent walk

72 dead and still no justice.

Solidarity with all the victims and their families.

The Grenfell tragedy was ‘social murder’ by a government that gutted building regulations in the name of profits and deliberately weakened fire regulations and inspection resources.

And the companies responsible for wrapping the tower in flammable cladding have still not been charged with corporate manslaughter.

No justice, no peace!



London protest – Friday 12th June 1pm Marble Arch

Saturday protest has been moved to Friday 12 June 1pm

BLM groups have decided to let the racist thugs fight among themselves, so the march has been moved from Saturday to Friday 12th.

We have bigger fish to fry!

Assemble 1pm. March from Marble Arch to Downing Street.

Maintaining social distancing. Wear face masks. Brings your signs and placards.

Given the police fondness for kettling peaceful protesters, please bring a supply of food and water.

If you were arrested over the course of the past week or so, please call Green and Black Cross on 07946 541 511