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BLM activist Sasha Johnson shot in head after death threats

Sasha Johnson shot in head – BLM activist Sasha Johnson has been shot in the head. The attacked happened at around 3am in the morning in Peckham, south London on Sunday.

Sasha has received numerous death threats because of her work for racial equality. She is in critical condition with life threatening injuries.

Sasha has been at the forefront of the BLM fight, taking a leading role in Oxford BLM and the Rhodes must fall campaign, to remove the statue of the colonialist at Oxford university.

Sasha is a founder member of the The Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP) and before that was associated with a putative UK Black Panther group.

Sasha is a tireless campaigner for the cause and everyone at BLMM wishes her a speedy and full recovery.

Sasha Johnson shot in head – assassination attempt?

Police have not officially released her name but have informed her family, according to a BBC report. Sasha has two children and graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a first class honours degree.

Police say there is no evidence that the shooting was targeted, despite the numerous death threats. The police added that none of the threats were credible, but have given no further details as to why they had come to that conclusion.

The police arrested Sasha in January for breaking Covid regulations when she took part in a protest in central London.

It is unclear why the police are yet to officially release Sasha’s name, but TTIP have made a statement on their facebook page.

Pimlico Academy school students revolt against institutional racism

Pimlico Academy school students have risen up in revolt and racism and sexism at their school.

Instead of educating children the new headmaster has been more concerned with ‘discipline’, which in this case has been a conduit for re-establishing institutionally racist practices.

Black students have told they cannot have afro hair cuts. Muslim students have been told they cannot wear any hujabs other than black.

One of the first things the new head did was to get rid of Black History Month.

He didn’t leave it at that – he also insisted the school started flying the union jack flag – a symbol of imperialism and the racism of Empire.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the head also ordered the LGBT+ noticeboard to be taken down.

Pimlico Academy school “like going to prison”

Some students ikened going to school as “going to prison”.

Sixth form students have been told they have to wear ‘business suits, but many parents are not able to afford to buy them.

Students footwear has been damaged, with labels cut from Kickers shoes, for example, before thinking of at least asking permission from parents first.

Yesterday the school students said enough is enough and with chants of “black lives matter” and “we want change”, organised a protest in the school basketball court after being prevented from congregating on the astro turf sports area.

Pimlico Academy school students protest against racism

The protests involved hundreds and saw students also wearing red arm bands in solidarity with Sarah Everard and against the failure of the school to do anything about sexism at school.

Such was the impact of the protest that it got onto local and national TV news.

The sitdown protest took place the entire morning, forcing the school to eventually close early.

“I’m in Year 11 and it used to be a very positive place,” he said. “Now I feel intimidated in school. It feels authoritarian and restrictive, which makes it harder to learn. The culture is different—it’s very ‘British’ oriented, even with the food,” said one student.

“We all come from very different cultures. That should be respected.” 

For more reporting direct from the students, parents and teachers themselves, see this report.

Although not initiated or led by teachers, they supported the protest.

The teachers at the school have called for the head to resign.

Rumours are now circulating that the head is indeed going to resign.

More soon when we get it.