Picket Labour Party NEC over anti-black racism and in solidarity with BLM – Tuesday 7th July

*Reminder: Raise *your* voices*!

Labour Black Socialist & Allies

‘Black Members Matter!’
In Solidarity & Unity with BLM

Come and join our Labour NEC Picket against Institutional & Systematic Racism in the Labour Party

ANGRY about the Lack of Opposition to Anti Black Racism (BAME) in Labour Party & Treatment of Black Members?
FRUSTRATED about the Labour Party’s SILENCE on All forms of Racism including Afriphobia, Islamaphobia?
OUTRAGED about Racism in the leaked Labour Report?
WORRIED about a Whitewash Leaked Report Inquiry?
FURIOUS at Starmer’s Dismissal of the BLM Uprising, their demands and Global Historical Importance.

Root out anti-Black racism in Labour

This is OUR MOMENT to Make Our Voices Heard

Labour HQ 105 Victoria St, Westminster, London SW1E 6QT
ON: Tuesday 7th July 2020
AT: 10 am

#BlackLabourMatterMatter #BlackLivesMatter #RootOutRacismInLabour

In Solidarity & Unity with BLM,
Sophia, Liz and Joyce.

If you are interested:

  • Join our Socially Distanced Picket
  • Wear Masks
  • Bring Banners, Flags.

For more info contact Joyce Reid: Jasjr272001@yahoo.com