Video: Herts police in violent assault on 16-year-old, knee on neck

“Let go of my hand or I will f**king smash your face in, do you understand” screams a Hertfordshire police officer as he arrests mixed race 16-year-old youth in Hatfield.

The police chased the youth, took him to the ground. He was detained and arrested for suspicion of possession of drugs, strip searched and found to be carrying nothing and subsequently released.

The teenager pleaded with a passerby not to leave as he feared even more violent assault or worse at the hands of the police.

Knee on neck in widespread use by British police?

The violence of the arrest included another clearly documented use of the infamous knee on neck restraint technique.

This follows an incident in Islington last week and another in Brighton.

These are of course just the incidents we know about because they were caught on video by alert members of the public.

His mother, Lisa, has accused the police of carrying out a racist attack in the way he was singled out and subsequently assaulted.

“I do believe this was a racist attack,” she said.

“He is covered in bruises. We are very frightened that this officer is still serving although the incident has been referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct, the body for monitoring misconduct.”

Of the three friends only the white girl was allowed to leave the police officers’ presence unmolested.

The family have seen the racist officer three times outside their home since the violent attack.

Sack racist police now!

Why has this violent racist policeman faced no discipline. Indeed, why does he still have a job?

When asked why the teenager was stopped, the police says he looked “suspicious”, by which they presumably mean he looked a bit black.

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