Trump loses election but wants to discount black votes

Trump has lost the US election but he wants to go down in flames and take the rest of the USA with him.

In a typically dishonest statement yesterday, in which he claimed ‘corruption’ in Detroit and Atlanta was endemic, his thinly disguised racism was again on display for all to see.

The postal vote is overwhelmingly Democratic and the metro areas being counted are heavily African-American, given the racist residential segregation which is still such a major feature of American life.

On that basis, with Biden now in the lead in Georgia and expected to overtake Trump in Pennsylvania, Trump is finished.

We appreciate that Trump doesn’t want to lose because he knows he will also lose his presidential immunity and could be looking at a prison cell given his clear and present corruption.

Democrats fails to harness the power of the streets at the ballot box

But there is a bigger story about the US election, which was the refusal of the Democrat leadership to focus on harnessing the anger and enthusiasm of the BLM movement, or to articulate and advance policies that will attract working-class people, black and white.

Trump is now planning to unleash his fascist friends against American democracy, such as it is.

The right has been calling for insurrection and violence to stop the count.

Mad man Glen Beck has called for the overthrow of the US government.

Buy peole are taking to the streets again – and again the police are showing whose side they are on. In New York City 25 people were arrested on a peaceful protest and an advocate observer was roughed-up by the forces of racism and disorder.

NYC cops attack peaceful protesters (pic: NYT)

Solidarity with the fight to stop Trump’s election steal

We send our solidarity to our sisters and brothers in the BLM movement in the US and progressive forces beyond that as the y prepare to meet the threat from the deranged christian and fascist right and others among the delusional (and disappointed) MAGA hordes.

But to date, the protests by Trump supporters have been small and violence more at the level of threats and talk than actual action.

But make no mistake, Trump is pushing to block democracy by any means. necessary, and that unfortunately is not confined to unfounded law suits.

Shame of the black rappers in bed with Trump

Finally, how dare Trump and his racist supportes try to stop black peoples’ votes being counted in Detroit and Georgia.

For those black people who were foolish enough to vote for the enemy, hopefully things are a little clearer, although we suspect there’s no telling stupid – yes we are talking about you 50 Cent, Ice Cube and the other rich backers of white supremacist Trump. They let the myth and cult of the entrepreneur cloud their judgement – it is working people, black and white, who make the world go round.

Rappers are not essential workers – especially the ones who have turned their back on the community to assist the architects of the new Jim Crow.