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NFAC militia Louisville march for Breonna set to brush aside far-right

Latest – 18:58 EST 25th July 2020:

Three people were injured in accidental fire before the NFAC march took place.

In a speech to thousands of militia members and protesters Grandmaster Jay gave the city authorities four weeks to charge the officers who killed Breonna Taylor.

The fascist Three Percenters militia were heavily outnumbered on the day.

Latest – live feed from Courier Journal 25th July 2020:


On Friday 76 people were arrested in Louisville, Kentucky, in a police clampdown on peaceful protests in the city.

Protesters had blocked an intersection and the police responded with mass arrests.

The move comes before a threatened clash between black militia group the NFAC (Not Fucking Around Coalition) and fascist Kentucky Three Percenters militia.

The NFAC which came to prominence on 4 July with an armed march in Georgia at a location at which KKK white supremacist terror group supporters regularly gather to pay homage.

That paramilitary parade was entirely peaceful but there is a danger of clashes today, assuming the Facebook posts from the far-right are not just so much hot air.

From their actions on Friday the police seem to be making a statement about whose side they will be on.

Given the long traditions of racism in the force, the black militia can expect little in the way of facilitation as they exercise their constitutional rights.

NFAC Louisville march to press justice for Breonna Taylor

No police officers has been charged for the cold bloodied killing of Breonna.

The avowed aim of today’s NFAC formation is to press for justice for Breonna Taylor, a black woman who worked as an emergency medical technician who was brutally murdered in her home by Louisville police.

The NFAC led by grandmaster Jay had originally intended to form-up at Central High School, where legendary boxer and activists Mohammed Ali went to school.

Those plans have since changed.

A police spokesperson says the NFAC militia will instead be assembling at Baxter Square Park at Jefferson Street and 11th and 12th streets at 12 noon and then march to Jefferson Square Park.

NFAC’s Grandmaster Jay speaks before Louisville militia march

NFAC says 5,000-strong militia formation headed to Louisville in show of force for Breonna Taylor

Latest – live feed from Courier Journal 25th July 2020:


NFAC – the Not Fucking Around Coalition – which came to prominence after an armed march and rally at Stone Mountain Park, Georgia, on 4 July, says it will be marching in Louisville, Kentucky this Saturday (25th July) as part of the fight for justice for Breonna Taylor.

Breonna Taylor was murdered in her own home by Louisville police serving a so-called “no-knock” warrant in a raid supposedly looking for drugs.

No drugs were found but none of the officers have been charged with any wrongdoing.

Daily protests have taken place in the city since Breonna’s killing on 13 March.

Leader of the black militia, Grandmaster Jay, real name John Fitzgerald Johnson, says the militia will be forming up this Saturday 25th July in Louisville when the exercise their constitutional right to bear arms.

Attendees have been instructed to dress in “black boots, black button down shirts, black mask, shotgun, semi-automatic or rifle, pistols… thigh holsters or under your arm”.

The self-styled leader of the group said: “If you are not in that uniform, you won’t be in the formation.”

“No fake guns this time. I’m not playing with you all, I’m trying to keep you safe.”

NFAC throws down gauntlet to KKK terrorists

At the Stone Mountain gathering early this month, the NFAC threw down the gauntlet to white supremacist groups who had threatened to attack Black Lives Matter protesters.

The KKK terror group was “reformed” at the park in the early 20th century.

There was no confrontation at that time, but on Saturday there are noises indicating that far-right groups may mobilise to confront the NFAC.

Louisville’s mayor, Greg Fischer, says the city is ready “to make sure everybody is safe”.

NFAC meets with attorney general

In a surprising development, the NFAC leader is reported to have had a phone conversation with the attorney general in which he criticised the lack of action to date regarding the police who killed Breonna.

In a statement, shown in the second video below, Jay shares some more information:

“12 pm we are meeting at central high school – the school that the great Mohammed Ali came from.

“Show up at 12pm. Get everyone set in the stadium. Then we go see some people…

“Bring body armour”

“Bring body armour, if you have it, make sure you have plates. In this situation get your hands on some, get some level-three body armour…

Don’t bring a weapon you have never fired before…

“I have had some conversations with the attorney general of Louisville. The state does not want any trouble. I have been made privy to some information. They are not going to try and antagonise the NFAC.

“The people in Georgia told them they [the NFAC] don’t fuck around.. There’s going to be five times more of us than last time.”

As can be seen in the videos below, the NFAC has certainly captured the public imagination, with reports of people organising car pools for the formation.

Statement from Jay at 2:20 in the video below:


While nothing has happened to the cops who killed Breonna, the city police force has managed to rake in $3 million in overtime payments from local taxpayers for the policing of protests.

Wow! NFAC Black nationalist armed militia challenges far-right

Update: NFAC marches to downtown Louisville:

Latest – live feed from Courier Journal 25th July 2020:


What is the NFAC?

The founder and leader of the NFAC – the Not Fucking Around Coalition – is Grandmaster Jay. His real name has not been confirmed at the time of writing.

The NFAC is thought to be an offshoot in part of the Black Hebrew Israelites.

There may also be some overlap with the New Black Panther Party. The NBP has no connection with the original Black Panthers, which was a revolutionary socialist organisation.

According to some information circulating online he has made antisemitic statements and ascribes to the “Illuminati” conspiracy theory.

[update – 10 July] However, in a video (see below) interview with Roland Martin Grandmaster Jay denies the group is anti-Semitic.

The groups aims are to create a black nation in Texas, following in the footsteps of the Black separatist tradition in the US in which similar demands have previously been made.

The economic foundation of the new state would be based on reparation payments from the US government.

NFAC says it is not affiliated with the US Black Lives Matter organisation or the wider movement.

Some reports suggest that the organisation has a number of white members. However, this is not readily apparent from the video footage seen by BLMM correspondents. Word from the avowed leader of the militia also contradicts those reports, given that Jay describes the militia as “100% Black”.

It is not known how homogenous the militia is beyond the vague black separatist impulses.

Roots of Black Separatism

Separatist politics dates back to African-American abolitionist and physician Martin Delany in the first half of the nineteenth century, and most successfully with the Garveyite movement of the 1920s, which created the first mass political organisation of black people in the US.

The strongest organisational footprint of the separatist tradition is represented by the Nation of Islam (NoI).

There are no known links between the politically conservative NoI and the NFAC.

Black separatism has developed as a reaction against white racism but the “Back to Africa” slogan – or the independent state idea (it was the Black Belt before the NFAC came up with Texas) on the territory of the US – was more an ideological crutch than a serious realisable goal; it was a way of signalling a rejection of white America and the systemic and violent racism American society perpetuated.

The Black Hebrew Israelites have been blamed for inspiring the racist attacks on Jewish people that have taken place in New Jersey and New York.

Reports from the interactions of NFAC militia members with regular BLM protesters in the park to which the militia marched, suggest that the Black Hebrew Israelites are not influential, among the rank and file at any rate.


NFAC (Not Fucking Around Coalition) militia formed up at Stone Mountain, Georgia, the site of the reformation of the terrorist KKK in 1915.

The site is hallowed ground for America’s white supremacists and their cheerleader Donald Trump.

At 1,000 strong, the NFAC threw down the gauntlet to the far-right militia groups, but they were in Gettysburg to stop a flag-burning that turned out to be a hoax but they were too stupid to realise.

From Newsweek:

NFAC Founder Grand Master Jay told Newsweek via phone Sunday that the militia members at Stone Mountain on Saturday were “100 percent black” and they are not affiliated with Black Lives Matter. “We are a black militia. We aren’t protesters, we aren’t demonstrators. We don’t come to sing, we don’t come to chant. That’s not what we do,” he said.

The emergence of this Black militia group has certainly got people talking. None more so perhaps than Terry Crews.

Judging by his recent tweets and an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, Crews seems to have mistakenly decided that the Black separatist world view of the NFAC leadership, such as it is, is dominant in the BLM movement.

NFAC leader denies group is anti-Semitic or that it wants Texas.

Latest developments – NFAC headed to Louisville Kentucky, 25th July