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13 police being investigated for sharing photos of murdered sisters

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has referred the Met police to the Crown Prosecution Service over their officers’ sharing of photos of murdered sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman that we reported on in early summer.

The sisters were killed in June and the police, despite requests from the family, refused to lift a finger to search for them when they failed to return from an outing to Fryent Park, Wembley, west London.

It was left to one of the boyfriends of the sister to go looking for them and to find the body.

Not only did the police not bother to search for the sisters, presumably because it was only two Black women, but when the bodies were found and they were forced to start a murder investigation they thought it would be amusing to pass around in a WhatsApp group the photos of the bodies of the deceased sisters.

Sharing photos of murdered sisters shows racist depravity of police

The appalling level of depravity and dehumanisation that this sort of behaviour requires is a shocking indictment of the institutional racism that blights the Met police in London.

Two police officer have since been arrested and altogether 13 police officers are under investigation.

The arrests took place on 11 June with the officers charged on suspicion of misconduct in a public office. They have been suspended from duties but are still on full pay.

When this case gets to court, we expect there to be prison sentences handed out. If there are not, there will be hell to pay, to put it mildly.

The IOPC has also made two recommendations to the Met:

  1. To ensure officers “within a single police station in the North East Command” conform to the expectations of their behaviour under the Code of Ethics both on and off duty.
  2. The Met must review whether supervisors and senior management at that police station “are taking personal responsibility to identify and eliminate patterns of inappropriate behaviour”.

As with so many recommendations concerning matters regarding London’s racist police force, nothing much will come of the IOPC’s strictures unless there are militant protests on the streets, as seen during the upsurge of around BLM in the summer.

We will need to be ready to hit the streets again to demand justice for Nicole and Bibaa.

Racist French police thugs beat and abuse Black music producer

French police, fresh from beating and terrorising homeless and destitute refugees on the outskirts of Paris, at the weekend viciously attacked and abused with racist insults a black music producer.

The racist cops – the majority of French police are members of the Fascist National Rally (formerly National Front) party – thought there were no witnesses. Unbeknown to them, there was a security camera filming the whole thing.

The police charged the victim – Michel (pictured above) – with resisting arrest and it was only when the video emerged that the truth came out. This latest attack took place in the music producer’s own studio.

The incident is even more disturbing because the French national assembly has passed a new law forbidding anyone – even the press – from filming the police.

Racist French police and Macron turning France into a security state

The tweet reads (Google Translates):

It happened on Saturday in Paris. 15 minutes of racist beatings and insults. The crazy scene of police violence that we reveal is simply amazing and uplifting. We have to watch it to the end to understand the full extent of the problem.

Thanks to Loopsider

Macron, with fascist Le Pen breathing down his neck – has launched a war against Muslims in the country, as well as giving the police a green light to step up their already rampant racist violence.

And it’s not just minorities that the police hate.

The Yellow Vest protest movement was subject to regular attacks by the police, as have school students on recent protests outside their schools when they protested about the government’s failure to provide personal protective equipment to schools and other public health resources.

On 23 November this was France’s finest in action on the outskirts of Paris attacking defenceless and destitute refugees:

And below is some more racist French police violence from the suburbs of Paris.

The police are torturing this man for fun because he broke the lockdown by going out to get food. Meanwhile all the well-heeled middle classes and rich people had left Paris for their second homes in the countryside:

Jamaica deportation flights resume next Wednesday despite Windrush

The Tories are planning a mass deportation of people to Jamaica on the day the lockdown in England ends on Wednesday 2 December.

On eo fthose faced with deportation is John, not his real name.

“My life would be in danger. If I go back there, I know what would happen to me,” he said, in a report from left-wing newspaper Socialist Worker.

After reporting to the Home Office’s Eaton House last week, he was sent into detention at the notorious Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre.

Speaking to Socialist Worker, John explained: “No visitors are allowed to come inside this place. My partner and my 12 year old daughter were sat outside for five and a half hours, waiting for the decision about me. 

“When I was detained on that day, I couldn’t say anything to them.” 

John says the family “did everything by the book”.

“My solicitor sent off the paperwork, with recorded delivery, to the Home Office a few weeks ago,” continued John.

“The Home Office said they’d tried to take £65 from my partner’s account and couldn’t, and that’s why my application was refused.

“But that’s not true, my partner went to the bank and no one tried to take no money out and there is money in there.” 

Jamaican deportation flights being used to criminalise the victims

Zita Holbourne from anti-racist campaign group BARAC UK said: “Those targeted for deportation are branded by government as hardened criminals. But the reality is that some are criminalised by virtue of their immigration status and for others, they have committed lesser offences, [are the] victims of county lines, or have been convicted under the now defunct joint enterprise law.”

There are at least eight people that campaigners know about who the Tories want to deport next week.

The government refuses to allow detainees to receive visits at the detention centres, where violence and filth are common place according to accounts. The government makes it hard to get exact numbers on deportations and is willing to go to great expense to make its racist point.

Two brothers born in the UK – Darrell and Darren Roberts – whose campaign BLMM has been supporting, have also been threatened with deportation to Jamaica even though they have never been to the country.

The Home Office also wants to deport Osime Brown, a 21-year-old autistic man, to Jamaica, a country he left when he was 4 years old and where he has no family connections.

The threatened deportations come after the Equalities and Human Rights Commission said in a report on Windrush that the government broke the law by not doing an equality impact assessment when they introduce their racist “hostile environment policies”.

Between 2004 and 2015John had indefinite leave to remain in the country but was arrested on a minor drugs charge, and that’s when his troubles began.

The government is pushing ahead with deportations to send a signal to its racist supporters and wider society that it is migrants and Black people that should be blamed for the inequality and poverty that is crashing like a tsunami across the country.

It is no accident that the flights are restarting now, as the Tory racists seeks to divert attention from their own criminal Covid failures and the coming pay and benefit cuts they want to impose on ordinary people to pay for the mess they created.

Black man beaten to death by security guards at Brazil Carrefour store

Brazil has been convulsed with protests following the racist beating to death by security guards of a mixed-race Black man, Joao Alberto Silveira Freitas, in the South American country.

The man was outside at a Carrefour store, a French supermarket chain that operates in the country. An argument is said to have taken place inside the story.

Protesters have called for a boycott of all French companies and French-made goods.

The French elite is currently waging a racist war against Muslims in France and its troops are still operating in its former colonies in Africa.

The shocking footage of the killing, which took place on 20 November, quickly went viral and was swiftly followed by angry protests.

Despite an unjustified reputation for diversity, Brazil is in fact one of the most racist societies on the planet.

Brazil – a thoroughly racist society

Slavery was only abolished in the country in 1899 and Black people are at the bottom of the pile for all economic and social indicator.

Racism has got worse – if that’s possible – since the election of racist president Bolsonaro.

In 2018 popular left-wing politician Marielle Franco was assassinated by police and Bolsonaro has been accused or ordering the killing.

That’s despite the fact that Brazil has a majority Black population, but you would never know that from the countries leaders and thosee in positions of power.

Literally nearly two thousand Black people were killed by the militarised police force in Brazil last year – that’s the official figure; the real figure is thought to be much higher, especially when the military are included.

Two security guards are now under investigation for the murder of 40-year-old Joao Alberto Silveira Freitas. The killing took place just outside a Carrefour store in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil.

It turns out that one of the security guards is an off-duty policeman.

Clearly he doesn’t just like killing Black people when he’s in uniform, but also does it in his spare time too .

Black woman violently assaulted by police in Lewisham

A video of a Black woman violently assaulted by police in Lewisham has emerged months after the incident.

The graphic video shows as many as eight police officers forcefully restraining the woman, with one officer punching her while she is on the ground.

The woman – who provided her first name to the BBC’s Newsnight – reports how she was lifted off the ground by the handcuffs placed on her and by her braids, leading to hair being pulled out of her scalp.

The video was taken by concerned bystander Umer Khan in May this year.

Black woman violently assaulted: “if you can talk you can breathe” says racist cop

When she complained that an officer who was pinning her to the ground was killing her, the officer said, with a smirk on her face, “if you can talk you can breathe”.

The officer said they were arresting Janet for obstructing a drug search.

The violent assault, which took place in Lewisham, south-east London, didn’t end on the street.

Back at the police station there was more violence from the police thugs.

Janet was repeated punched by an officer and was illegally strip-searched in the presence of male officers.

It has been well documented that the police use disproportionate amounts of force when interacting with Black people.

BBC’s Newsnight discovered that ‘Use of Force’ – a legal level of violence that the police are allowed to use as part of their duties – has increased markedly:

From BBC News:

BBC Newsnight has obtained Use of Force data from 37 out of the 44 police forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

During the lockdown months of April and May, 27 out of the 37 police forces saw a rise in Use of Force, compared with the same months in 2019.

The Metropolitan Police – the UK’s biggest force – saw a rise of 26% from 25,993 Use of Force incidents recorded in April and May 2019, to 32,705 in the same months in 2020.

Slaves sold on a Friday racist graffiti shocker at Tesco

Updated 27 November 2020 15:00 GMT

Slaves sold on a Friday – that was the shocking racist graffiti that appeared in a Tesco store in Tottenham on 8 November.

BLMM can reveal it follows a complaint made two months ago to top management of the UK’s largest supermarket in response to alleged routine racist abuse of workers at its South Tottenham store by the white manager.

That is the claim of a worker at the store, a copy of whose statement to Tesco bosses is in the hands of Black Lives Matter Movement.

BLMM has reached out to Tesco for a response, but as yet have not heard back.

One of the store managers (there are several store managers at large Tesco outlets) – Diane Smith – stands accused of using the N word repeatedly in her interactions with Black members of staff.

One of the victims of her vile racist abuse initially delayed making a formal complaint to Tesco in the hope that action would be taken without him needing to do so, given the the serious nature of the allegations, but to date there has been no progress, with Smith still working at the store.

Suffice to say, the atmosphere in the workplace “has significantly changed”, says the worker whose written statement we have seen.

There is an investigation ongoing, but two months on from lodging the complaint no action has yet been taken, not even a suspension of the manager.

The complainant – who wishes to remain anonymous at this stage – sent BLMM a copy of the written statement outlining the unacceptable and shocking racism that exists at the store:

“I personally feel very uncomfortable working with Diane, having had her say the racial slur to my face on the day in question (10th November 2020).

Racist manager refuses to apologise or show any remorse

“She has offered no apology or shown any remorse for her language and has displayed in her behaviour that she does not understand or acknowledge the deep offence, pain and revisited trauma that word causes many of us.

“As someone who grew up in Britain during a time of racial tension when the N word was used to intimidate, insult, ridicule and belittle in a demeaning manner, with the intent of causing pain and distress, I was triggered back to very painful and upsetting times when the use of the word and its intentions were deemed acceptable in society.”

The statement continues: “It appears that Tesco is in support of Diane and her deplorable behaviour and that is totally unacceptable. I no longer feel that Tesco is a safe working environment free from abuse, both verbal and physical, be it from customers or staff and colleagues.

“I do not trust that should any future incidences of any nature occur between colleagues and customers that Tesco management team will be fair and impartial in its handling and processing of such matters.”

For 10 years the Tesco worker has been complaining about racism at the store and says the latest incident is part of a catalogue of discrimination issues.

The Tesco group that the store comes under has seen at least 20 complaints made about racism at stores in north London, with Lee Valley, Chesthunt and Ponders End stores all said to have seen racist incidents involving Tesco managers or other employees.

Black Friday promo at South Tottenham branch of Tesco: “Slaves sold on a Friday”

The latest such occurrence was on Sunday 8 November when the words “Slaves sold on a Friday” was scrawled across a Black Friday promotional display.

update: The display was positioned in the staff canteen, which narrows down the number of possible culprits. After being contacted by the Daily Mirror, Tesco management finally called in the police.

The manager failed to take action until workers at the store demanded its removal.

slaves sold on a friday graffiti at tesco store
This racist comment appeared at the South Tottenham branch of Tesco on 8 November 2020. The manager failed to take action until workers at the store demanded its removal

The alleged racism at the Tesco store follows a furor over the company removing two Black actors from its Christmas TV advert.

Perhaps in response to Black Lives Matter, UK supermarkets – notably Sainsbury’s which has received a racist backlash for featuring a Black family in its Xmas advert – have been trying to pay more than just lip service to anti-racism and diversity.

But many might be forgiven for concluding that it is really just window dressing in Tesco’s case, given the blatant racism that has been making the working lives of its employees at the South Tottenham store a living nightmare.

Racists have become much bolder in the wake of the racist agenda of the government in recent years, and a prime minister who is yet to apologise for the many racist comments he has made. And of course the likes of Trump across the pond giving legitimacy to white supremacists and fascists hasn’t helped matters.

There has been an increase in racist abuse and attacks across the country, with Muslims (and by inference Asian people generally, as the racists don’t differentiate) and Black people bearing the brunt.

David Burke of the Daily Mirror has now followed up on our story:

Giuliani in antisemitic and racist meltdown in latest pitch to steal election

Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani who you might remember from the latest Borat film, as the sleazy man with his hands down his trousers, is apparently still not embarrassed about appearing in public.

With a man like this tasked with trying to steal the election from Biden and Harris, we already knew the chances of Trump making any headway were slim to non-existent.

But that’s not holding back Giuliani.

He held another press conference yesterday, at which he made more unsubstantiated and wild claims about supposed election fraud and one of the companies that supplies counting machines – Dominion.

Republican racism anti-semitism goes into overdrive

As is typical of the American right, his comments were laced with straight up racism and anti-semitism, as he claimed that George Soros was funding BLM, Antifa and that Cuba and China were in on the ‘steal’ efforts.

His deranged nonsense was of course not for the consumption of ordinary folk, but the rabid near-fascist base of diehards, whose whole world collapsed when the reality dawned that Trump lost by more than five million-plus votes and also massively on the electoral college vote tally.

Giuliani meltdown was literal

But that wasn’t what caught the eye of the assembled journalists, who still had visions of the previous presser, which was held in a parking lot with the Trump media team sandwiched between a pawn shop and a crematorium, outside Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

Nope, this time it was even more bizarre.

As the so-called lawyer spewed his anti-Semitic bile and full-on racist garbage as he spun his story about Dominion (the voting machine people) and how they were run by Venezuela’s Chavez (from the grave presumably), before correcting himself by remembering that the president of Venezuela is a man called Maduro, a weird brown juice started dribbling down the side of his face – it was his hair dye!

Rudy Giuliani meltdown

Is this a thing with men in the Trump orbit, and of course Agent Orange himself who spends tens of thousands of dollars on his appalling hair do?

And here’s that video, in case you missed it – 30 seconds in:

Windrush scandal rolls on as head of policy resigns over racism

Alexandra Ankrah, the head of policy at the Windrush compensation scheme, has resigned, reports Amelia Gentleman at the Guardian.

Ankrah complains that the scheme, run by a department of the Home Office, is institutionally racist and says the team members she worked with “showed a complete lack of humanity”.

By the end of October, the compensation scheme had been running for 18 months and only £1.6m had been paid out to 196 people. Officials had originally expected thousands to apply and estimated that the government might eventually have to pay out between £200m and £570m. At least nine people have died before receiving compensation they applied for.

Amelia Gentleman in the Guardian

This is a restatement of what is already known, thanks to the outstanding work of Gentleman, but the fact that nothing has changed since the government claimed it was going to put right this travesty of justice is still shocking.

The Windrush scandal saw people from the African Caribbean, who were invited to the UK in the 50s and 60s, declared to be ‘non-British’ despite being colonial subjects of the Crown, and barred from public services, denied access to health services, kicked out of their homes , losing their jobs and – most shamefully – deported from the country or refused entry after visiting the Caribbean to see relatives or go on holiday.

Politicians in parliament have got no where trying to get answers as to why so few have been compensated.

Same discriminatory procedures that created Windrush ‘hostile environment’ scandal being used to limit compensation claims

It turns out that the same procedures that demanded unreasonable documentary evidence from people when they tried to access services, such as payslips from the 1970s, are being used now to effectively bar victims from being compensated.

Of the tiny number (196) who have managed to wring money out of this government, the sums have been an insult, averaging just £8,163 per applicant.

That contrasts with the lavish sums the government is paying out to its well-connected friends to supply the NHS with personal protective equipment (PPE).

One middleman received £21 million for basically doing next to nothing.

Meanwhile, the government resisted funding free school meals for hungry children in this country, is going ahead with a cut to welfare benefits next year and thinks £8k is all that black people victimised by government policy is perfectly adequate.

Windrush scandal – radical action needed to win justice for victims

We are going to have to take radical action to correct these ongoing wrongs – that means action on the streets, our communities and through our unions and campaign groups to fight for justice now.

There are three different bodies that have been set up in response to the scandal: the compensation scheme itself; the Windrush taskforce, whose job it has been to contact those affected and inform them of how to get compensation and thirdly, the independent Windrush Lessons Learned review by Wendy Williams.

The institutional racism of those running the ‘Lessons Learned’ body that 20 team members have been hauled before the civil service “equality, diversity and inclusion”.

The Windrush scandal crimes were a direct result of a government policy known as the “hostile environment”, which sought to scapegoat migrants for the problems of inequality and poverty that afflict the UK.

It all went down under Theresa May’s Tory government as she tried to prove that she and her government were more racist Nigel Farage, who they feared was outflanking them from the right.

They claimed it was all a big mistake and not intentional, but it was part of a deliberate and consciously crafted policy war against all migrants to the UK.

It is a continuing outrage. Enough!

Latest victims

Support the campaign of the Roberts brothers to stay in the UK.

Amelia Gentleman has written the definitive investigation of this continuing scandal and you can order your copy here:

Buy the award-winning book on the Windrush scandal:

The Windrush Betrayal by Amelia Gentleman

Watch her recent talk at the Bookmarks bookshop:

Racist Michigan Republicans try and fail to disenfranchise black voters

update 19 November 2020 EST 11am

The Washington Post reports that Trump rang Palmer on Tuesday to pressure her to rescind her vote certifying the election results for Wayne County. The certification has already gone to Michigan’s Secretary of State, so the racist Republicans are too late with their attempt to disenfranchise Black voters.

Two racist Michigan Republicans on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers tried – and failed – to disenfranchise black voters in Michigan yesterday.

It is the job of the board to certify the vote, but instead the GOP representatives tried to disenfranchise the voters of Detroit, where more that three-quarters of the citizens are black.

Trump has lost the US presidential election but that is clearly not stopping his supporters in various US states from trying to steal the election.

The latest such attempts – as we have come to expect – is dripping with thinly concealed racism.

William Hartmann and Monica Palmer said they were happy to certify votes in the state, with the sole exception of the heavily black Detroit region covered by Wayne County.

Racist Michigan Republican Monica Palmer

Racist Michigan Republican William Hartmann

Only white votes count in racist Republican mindset

They then offered a ‘compromise’ of sorts by suggesting they could certify one of Detroit’s majority white suburbs, but not the city itself.

There are four people on Board of Canvassers and their duties are normally simply a matter of procedure. However, this election cycle the Republicans are trying to turn them into a weapon to undermine the will of the electorate.

Trump lost the vote oin Michigan, which means that challenger Joe Biden – now the president-elect – grabs all of the state’s electoral college votes.

But the attempts of the racist Republicans were forestalled by citixens joining the Zoom meeting en masses to object to the undemocratic manoeuvres of the Republican party representatives.

One outraged citizen – local entrepreneur Ned Staebler, was scathing:

“The Trump stain, the stain of racism that you, William Hartmann and Monica Palmer, have just covered yourself in is going to follow you throughout history,. Your grandchildren are going to think of you like Bull Connor or George Wallace,” said commenter Ned Staebler.

He was joined in the attack on the Republican racists by Wendell Anthony, the president of the Detroit chapter of the NAACP.

The two Republicans later reversed their vote as the storm of protest against them raged.

But before that had happened, Trump was quick to endorse the disenfranchisment of black voters, describing it as “a beautiful thing”.

The next time you hear or see an Americasn justifying wars for ‘democracy’ somewhere in the world, remember that America was built on slavery and oppression and that the legacy lives on today.

Unfortunately for the white supremacists, there attempts to turn the clock back on voting rights has been defeated on this occassion.

Racist Michigan Republicans have friends in Georgia where Lindsey Graham leans on officials to fix vote

We expect more underhand tactics from the Republoicans in the Georgia run-off for the all-important Georgia elections for US senators.

Lindsey Graham has been leaning on the secretary of state in Georgia to fix the vote in the recount demanded by the sore losers in the Republican party.

There need to be international observers at US election counts to call out any more racist interventions from Trump supporters, although it should be said that the good people on the ground are maintaining a vigilant watch on the white supremacists.

If any one is any doubt about the racism that courses through the Republican party, then the stuff Hartmann shares on Twitter should clear things up – he loves haring racist memes about black people (see the thread):

Video: Hundreds of Manchester Uni students protest against racial profiling

Hundreds of students at the University of Manchester are protesting against racial profiling by security guards at the university.

The protest follows an outrageous incident on Friday last week when a black student – Zac Adan (pictured) was violently thrown against a wall and held by security guards who suspected him of being a drug dealer.

See the video and our report of Friday’s incident here.

The evidence that the student was a dealer was based on nothing except his skin colour.

A security has since been suspended but students are demanding the university does a lot more.

The company must lose the contract to provide security and those involved sacked.