A letter from an abused former prisoner at Pentonville prison

Good afternoon, my name is John Afeigen, i am of mixed race heritage
and I was recently released from prison. My email is regarding human
rights abuse and racism within prisons across the united kingdom.
While I was a prisoner at Pentonville prison, I believe my human
rights were abused on various occasions. This was procedure throughout
the prison system, I had been transferred to 5 different prisons and
had suffered racial abuse and human rights violation within 3 of the

This problem of abuse and violation, is hidden within the
system and prisoners are losing their lives without anyone being held
responsible. I personally was found dead in a prison cell, the prison
system had blamed me by indicating that I had commit suicide due to
mental health issues and had died but what they failed to mention was
that the prison system has some inhumane living conditions for people
to live in, it also has staff members who do not value human life and
abuse prisoners without being punished. Their is widespread corruption
within the prison and probation systems.

I am currently under supervision of a probation officer who consistently violates my rights by interfering with any medical support I currently am in need of by stopping me from receiving medical help and support from my GP.

I am being left to suffer with severe health problems and the prison system
is using my medical problems against me, by stating I am high risk and
a danger to the public and the government. They are also stating that
I am faking my health issues and are using fabricated and false
information to try and take my children away from myself and my
partner. They have stated in documents that I am paranoid and will not
allow me to be around my children.

I am not sure who else I can contact about what has happened to me while I was in prison and about what is going on at this moment? While I was in prison, a lot of people died including myself and nothing seems to be done about what is going on within the prison system as they seem to be covering up the deaths of inmates on a regular basis, a lot of the inmates that
die are black or of ethnic backgrounds.

I am lucky to be alive and feel the need to report my personal experience and also the going on’s within the prison walls, now that I have been released as the prison system had stopped me from reaching out and getting help by intercepting my mail including rule 39 documents to solicitors and also to family members. I understand that when you are in prison, a persons liberty is taken away, however we should still be entitled to our human rights?

I am sending you this email in hope that someone will respond and help
me to get some form of justice for all of the things I went through
and for all of the prisoners who are still going through it.

Kind regards

Mr John Afeigen