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  • Queen Victoria Memorial
    Jul 07 2020

    Statues and history done right in an era of BLM: Kara Walker’s Fons Americanus

    Following the controversy surrounding the long overdue toppling of Confederate statues in the US and those of slave traders here in the UK, the Black Lives Matter movement is charged with wanting to erase history. No, we want to tell the true story of what happened in history and its legacy today. What follows is […]

  • Jul 05 2020

    What do you want to be when you grow up? Alive

    Not sure who the cartoonist is to credit. If someone can help please contact BLMM…

  • Force of Nature racist
    Jul 02 2020

    Mel Gibson’s racist Force Of Nature glorifies police brutality

    The new Mel Gibson film, Force of Nature, is rather obnoxious and racist. Checkout the Daily Beast review, or read the excerpts below:   Mel Gibson’s New Pro-Police Brutality Movie Is Crazy Racist Nazis and Black Americans are equated as kindred self-loathing thieves, although they’re still sympathetic figures because they either regret their conduct (Griffin) or […]

  • MOBO help musicians
    Jul 02 2020

    4th round of the MOBO Help Musicians Fund

    MOBO press release – We are pleased to announce the fourth round of the MOBO Help Musicians Fund! Having run three hugely successful rounds of the MOBO Help Musicians Fund since 2017, resulting in 50 projects receiving support, this year’s Fund grows from a £60,000 to a £100,000 investment into emerging artists creating music of black origin. We have also […]

  • Jun 15 2020

    A Song For Equality

    I would like to share something my daughter did a couple days ago with you. I feel it really helps people to understand the journey and lived experiences of black people from a holistic perspective. It depicts, quite clearly, why we are so angry and it does this in the simplest of ways. I am very proud of her […]

  • words 4 BLM
    Jun 14 2020

    The natives are revolting Carruthers old boy

    I am a 72 year old white man. I cannot go out to join a protest as I am currently in self-isolation so my protest is in the poem below. The natives are revolting Carruthers old boy                                     […]

  • words 4 BLM
    Jun 07 2020

    Poetry: In memory. x

    Your strength is your weaknessYour poise a disgraceYour indifference, no mercyAs you knelt by his face Your hand in your pocketWith a casual poseYour arrogant distasteThat so few of us knows Your power misusedAnd your status no moreYour act of no mercyNow we close your door How could you not careYour image now world wideHow […]

  • words 4 BLM
    Jun 07 2020

    Poetry: Who Killed George Floyd by Trevor Homer

    Who was it killed George Floyd? Not I said the cop, I’m just employed to do a job, and felt annoyed that Just because he used his weight To crush his windpipe and suffocate him On the street in broad daylight, while 3 more officers Held him down, like in so many other towns. I […]

  • BLM Art
    Jun 07 2020

    Black lives matter art from young people fighting for change

    Below: Black lives matter art by Reiss and Andie, aged 6 and 9. People all over the world are donating their time, skills and art to build still struggle against racism in the US, the UK and around the world. Rest in power George Floyd, Breoona Taylor, Belly Mujinga and all those who have died […]