#justicepourtheo – jail racist French police rapists

The French police’s rape of Theo (his full name hasn’t been released yet) has unleashed a wave of protests in France. Four police officers have been charged with assault and one with rape.

Unfortunately in racist France this is no guarantee that justice will be done. This assault is a graphic illustration of the daily racist police brutality inflicted on Black and Arab minorities in France.

The rise of the fascist Le Pen shows the depths of racism in the country, especially towards people from a Muslim background.

France likes to project to the world a face of equality and freedom, but for Africans and Arabs the story is rather different.

The attack on Theo is a declaration of war. All power to the protesters and rioters fighting back.

On Saturday Silence is Violence held a protest at the French embassy, supported by BLMM, in solidarity with Theo.

No justice, no peace.