London BLM protest Marble Arch to Downing Street – Sunday 5th July 2pm

Called by All Black Lives UK

Assemble 2pm Marble Arch for march to Downing Street. Protest ends at 6pm. Wear PPE.

updated 15:08 BST 5th July

A march against the war in Yemen taking place at the same time. Our government is complicit in the war crimes being committed by Saudi Arabia with the help of British-made weapons.

On struggle one fight!

2 thoughts on “London BLM protest Marble Arch to Downing Street – Sunday 5th July 2pm”

  1. Please as a Black British. Please can we state clearly that we are not against the Jewish people all over the world more especially in UK cause they face the same problem as black people. We have a long way with our BLM movement. The media is fighting us on all angles due to our success.
    Defunding the police in UK will take us no were and the government has listened to us and pushing for defunding police will be a distruction for our movement.
    I work for Ministry of justice and I here everyone saying BLM will disappear very soon.
    Please we can force the government to meet our demands apart from Defunding the police.

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