BLM trafalgar square

Solidarity with US protesters – end police terrorism – the UK is not innocent – black lives matter UK future events

Solidarity with the US rebellion! Spread the resistance.

The Police are the outside agitators. The police are the instigators of violence. The rich are the real looters. Donald Trump is a thug and the UK is not innocent either. We have an illegitimate government led by a racist and elected on a pack of lies – a government that has promoted and imposed policies that have seen at least 63,000 people die. We have criminal racist government. End the hostile environment; Defund the police.

Justice for George Floyd and all those brutalised and murdered at the hands of the police in the US and UK.

It is extremely important that social distancing is enforced and respected at all protests. This government doesn’t care about the disproportionate number of black and minority ethnic people dying in this ongoing Covid pandemic. This is the same problem that confronts the protesters in the US, where people are having to risk their lives to protect lives. The protests below have been called by London BLM and are supported by BLMM. The BLM UK organisation that claims to be the “official” BLM group is not affiliated with any of the organisers.

“Black liberation by any means necessary!”

– Malclolm X

“A riot is the language of the unheard”

– Martin Luther King

Handsworth, Birmingham

Monday 1 June 8pm

Meet 8pm at Cannon Street Church, 300 Soho Road, B21 9NA

UK-wide black lives matter day of action -Wednesday 3 June 6pm

Organise a socially distanced protest in your locality, take a selfie and post to social media, come out at your front door and make some noise, make and display a placard message

Demo – Hyde Park

Wednesday 3 June


Birmingham – Victoria Square

Thursday 4th June


Demo – Parliament Square

Saturday 6 June

1 pm

Demo – US Embassy

Sunday 7 June


Please send in your forthcoming event details and reports from around the country to [email protected] – or go to our contact page to leave details.