Sistah Space protest - police forced to retreat

Police abandon arrest in face of action by Sistah Space protesters

The police turned up at the protest to keep open vital women’s service Sistah Space.

As you can see in the video below by Charlotte Moore, the cops got more than they bargained for after an intervention by concerned citizens to stop an arrest of a woman protester.

Hackney Council is forcing the Women’s refuge service that provides a safe space for survivors of domestic violence to close. This protest aims to stop that.

But in the middle of the protest (Friday 10 July) the police attempted to arrest a protester.

A call went up from Sistah Space supporters: “Let her go!”

Police were surrounded and eventually forced to exit the scene.

Now that’s what we call community policing!

Please support Sistah Space by donating to their gofundme here.

Posted by Charlotte Moore on Sunday, July 12, 2020