London protest demands release of Charlotte video, justice for Sean Rigg


img_305950 BLM protesters gathered last night outside the US embassy in solidarity with Charlotte and the fight for justice by all the victims of police racist violence in the US. The release of the video from the Scott family is in sharp contrast to the continuing refusal of the police to let the public see video from officers involved in the killing at the scene.

A hugely disproportionate 194 out of the 793 people killed by police in the US this year this year are black. source


Justice for Sean Rigg

The news from the US follows last week’s decision by the the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service not to bring charges against any of the police involved in the death of Sean Rigg at Brixton police station in 2008.

Marcia Rigg, Sean Rigg’s sister, told the Voice newspaper she “had hoped for an opportunity to get justice”.

The family’s legal team is “urgently consider reviewing” the decision under the Victims’ Right of Review scheme.

We need to step up our support for all the families fighting for justice. Join the annual United Friends and Families Campaign march taking place on October 29th, 12 noon Trafalgar Square.

No justice, no peace.