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Racist French police thugs beat and abuse Black music producer

French police, fresh from beating and terrorising homeless and destitute refugees on the outskirts of Paris, at the weekend viciously attacked and abused with racist insults a black music producer.

The racist cops – the majority of French police are members of the Fascist National Rally (formerly National Front) party – thought there were no witnesses. Unbeknown to them, there was a security camera filming the whole thing.

The police charged the victim – Michel (pictured above) – with resisting arrest and it was only when the video emerged that the truth came out. This latest attack took place in the music producer’s own studio.

The incident is even more disturbing because the French national assembly has passed a new law forbidding anyone – even the press – from filming the police.

Racist French police and Macron turning France into a security state

The tweet reads (Google Translates):

It happened on Saturday in Paris. 15 minutes of racist beatings and insults. The crazy scene of police violence that we reveal is simply amazing and uplifting. We have to watch it to the end to understand the full extent of the problem.

Thanks to Loopsider

Macron, with fascist Le Pen breathing down his neck – has launched a war against Muslims in the country, as well as giving the police a green light to step up their already rampant racist violence.

And it’s not just minorities that the police hate.

The Yellow Vest protest movement was subject to regular attacks by the police, as have school students on recent protests outside their schools when they protested about the government’s failure to provide personal protective equipment to schools and other public health resources.

On 23 November this was France’s finest in action on the outskirts of Paris attacking defenceless and destitute refugees:

And below is some more racist French police violence from the suburbs of Paris.

The police are torturing this man for fun because he broke the lockdown by going out to get food. Meanwhile all the well-heeled middle classes and rich people had left Paris for their second homes in the countryside:


Black woman violently assaulted by police in Lewisham

A video of a Black woman violently assaulted by police in Lewisham has emerged months after the incident.

The graphic video shows as many as eight police officers forcefully restraining the woman, with one officer punching her while she is on the ground.

The woman – who provided her first name to the BBC’s Newsnight – reports how she was lifted off the ground by the handcuffs placed on her and by her braids, leading to hair being pulled out of her scalp.

The video was taken by concerned bystander Umer Khan in May this year.

Black woman violently assaulted: “if you can talk you can breathe” says racist cop

When she complained that an officer who was pinning her to the ground was killing her, the officer said, with a smirk on her face, “if you can talk you can breathe”.

The officer said they were arresting Janet for obstructing a drug search.

The violent assault, which took place in Lewisham, south-east London, didn’t end on the street.

Back at the police station there was more violence from the police thugs.

Janet was repeated punched by an officer and was illegally strip-searched in the presence of male officers.

It has been well documented that the police use disproportionate amounts of force when interacting with Black people.

BBC’s Newsnight discovered that ‘Use of Force’ – a legal level of violence that the police are allowed to use as part of their duties – has increased markedly:

From BBC News:

BBC Newsnight has obtained Use of Force data from 37 out of the 44 police forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

During the lockdown months of April and May, 27 out of the 37 police forces saw a rise in Use of Force, compared with the same months in 2019.

The Metropolitan Police – the UK’s biggest force – saw a rise of 26% from 25,993 Use of Force incidents recorded in April and May 2019, to 32,705 in the same months in 2020.


Derek Chauvin and other cops in George Floyd murder appear in court

Derek Chauvin and the other three ex Minneapolis police officers involved in the murder of George Floyd appeared in court on Friday.

Chauvin has been charged with first degree murder.

The other three accomplices to the murder of George Floyd – Thomas Lane, J. Kueng and Tou Thao – are charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and manslaughter and are free on bail.

Police defence claims that Floyd died from an overdose although the world saw him die because a policeman had his knee pressed on his neck for 8 minutes and 45 seconds.

As civil rights lawyer Ben Crump put it: ‘The only overdose was an overdose of police force.

The world saw what happened.  ‘Who are you going to believe? Your eyes, or these killer cops?’

The ex cops were greeted with jeers and abuse from protesters when they left the court.

Solidarity with George Floyd

In the UK there were solidarity protests to demand justice for George Floyd on Friday.

Sheffield -“Say his name – George Floyd”

Vigilante guns down Jacob Blake protesters, Trump sides with racist cops

Kyle Rittenhouse shot three protesters, killing two in Kenosha Wisconsin.

If the teenager had had a Muslim name what just happened may very well have been treated as a terrorist attack, but not in America.

Instead Trump and Republicans have the audacity and gall to talk of ‘law and order’ while police departments are at war against the communities they are meant to serve.

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul said that Rusten Sheskey was the name of the police officer responsible for shooting Blake.

Neither Sheskey or any other officers at the scene have been disciplined.

Justice for Jacob Blake!

Shockingly, there has still not been a word from Trump directly on the murder of Jacob Blake by police, or even an attempt to reach out to the family. But protesters are determined to fight for justice whatever repression the police throw at their movement .

Meanwhile, white militia and racist groups colluded with police according to reports.

The latest outrage by racist cops has sparked rebellion across pro-sports in the US and world tennis, with fixtures being postponed.

After his murdering spree Rittenhouse is filmed walking down the road towards police with his hands up and an automatic weapon slung by his side. The police do nothing, they just roll on by. The killer went home only giving himself the following day.


Also below see a moment when the police openly fraternise with the far right militia:

And much of the organising by the white militia types and vigilantes has been on Facebook, as this disturbing report from the Guardian shows:

Hours before a 17-year-old white man allegedly killed two people and injured a third at protests over a police shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a local militia group posted a call on Facebook: “Any patriots willing to take up arms and defend our city tonight from evil thugs?”

It’s not yet clear if Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teenager arrested on suspicion of murder after last night’s shootings in Kenosha, was among the people who responded to the call the militia group had posted, which was later featured on the conspiracy theory site InfoWars.


Facebook on Wednesday removed the page of the Kenosha Guard.

Cop fired after tasering of black woman in Georgia

A police officer in Georgia was fired as of Friday after videos on TikTok that drew millions of views showed him using a Taser in the arrest of a Black woman, the authorities said.

The Police Department in Gwinnett County, which is about 20 miles northeast of Atlanta, said it had begun its investigation into the officer, Michael Oxford, before the video spread widely on TikTok.

Investigators examined whether Officer Oxford, who is white, used de-escalation techniques and whether he violated departmental policy on Aug. 18 when he arrested the woman, Kyndesia Smith. more

Wisconsin cops shoot black man in back 7 times as gets into car with kids

Protests have broken out in Wisconsin after police shot a black man many seven times in the back in. what police describe as a domestic incident.

Victim Jacob Blake was taken to hospital for surgery and is now fighting for his life in intensive care.

The video below posted by an attorney who appeared on the scene, online shows Mr Blake being shot as gets into a car in Kenosha. His young children are in the car.

Authorities in the city declared an emergency overnight curfew after unrest broke out following the shooting.

Hundreds marched on police headquarters on Sunday night to demand justice.

Wisconsin cops still free

As of writing, no Kenosha Police Department officers have been disciplined.


Reactions to the video were swift. Within hours, protesters gathered.

The short video, shot Sunday afternoon, shows members of the Kenosha Police Department (KPD) pointing a gun at Jacob Blake while he walks toward a vehicle. While Blake opens the door, an officer grabs his shirt and shoots him at close range, in the back, seven times. Blake slumps against the car horn while onlookers react in horror.

(Video may be disturbing to some viewers.)

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Still no arrests or disciplining of police for violence against nurse

From the Daily Telegraph:

Police have been criticised after a number of officers were filmed apparently holding a black woman to the ground shortly after she demanded a refund from a nearby jewellery shop.

Onlookers who filmed the incident said the woman appeared to have shown no signs of aggression and was not resisting when she was held on Saturday morning.

Observers said she appeared to have been pinned to the ground by officers, but Herts police sources said the woman had herself begun to kneel down, at which point officers “lowered her” to the pavement in order to finishing applying the handcuffs “as this was safer than trying to stand her back up”.

In distressing footage posted on social media the woman – who is understood to work as a nurse for the NHS – was seen crying and asking why she was being arrested.

The woman can be heard saying: “All I did was ask for a refund. Why are they doing this to me? They listened to the white man, they didn’t listen to me. All I wanted was a refund. I didn’t break anything. I just wanted my customer rights. I didn’t damage anything. It was plastic that got smashed.”

Observers said the footage appeared to raise disturbing questions about the tactics used by some police officers when dealing with incidents involving black people. more

Protest at Tottenham police station Saturday 8 August 1pm – No Justice, No Peace

No justice, No peace

Saturday 8th August 2020

Protest at Tottenham Police Station – 1pm

Our immediate demands:

Stop the overpolicing of black communities

Stop the use of excessive force

Stop the use of tasers

Stop S60 searches

Stop the disproportionate use of handcuffs during searches

Supporters include: by Tottenham Rights, Stopwatch and BLMUK


Police terrorising residents of African and Arab descent in Paris suburbs

Video: Police are terrorising resident in Paris suburbs


WARNING – SHOCKING CONTENT: In the Paris suburb of Les Ulis residents were able to film this shocking footage of a man being taken to an underpass and beaten and tortured by police.

This reign of terror is happening throughout the suburbs every single day of the lockdown.

France’s notoriously racist police force is stuffed full of fascists from the Front Nationale (or whatever Le Pen calls her thugs now). They are harassing, brutalising, humiliating and terrorising the community.

There will be an explosion of resistance. As if this is not enough – a hugely disproportionate number from the ethnic minorities are dying as a result of Covid-19 infection because of the inequalities of overcrowded living conditions and poor health due to poverty.

It is estimated as much as a quarter of the Paris population has fled to second homes in the countryside. This is not an option for most working-class people and those French people from an African or Arab background.

Here’s an excerpt from the New York Times. The European press has so far ignored the oppressive situation in the Parisian suburbs.

“We’ve got a lot of young people in big families, shut up in tiny apartments, and it’s difficult to close them up like that,” said Bilal Chikri, a filmmaker who lives in the neighbourhood. “There’s a lot of clashes with the police, lots of police missteps, lots of abuse of power.”

The approach has left residents vulnerable to both the police and the virus. Paris had 732 virus deaths compared with 402 in Seine-Saint-Denis as of April 8, but the city has half again the population of the suburb, where many of the metropolis’s cashiers, deliverymen, transit workers, nurses and couriers live.

“This is getting really tough,” said Larry Karache, an out-of-work shopkeeper, standing outside Chêne Pointu, the housing project where France’s 2005 urban riots were born, and which was depicted in last year’s hit film “Les Miserables.” “We’re actually in prison here.”

The New York Times reports (10 April 2020)

Racist police in the US, Europe, the UK and elsewhere, are using the lockdown as an excuse to unleash a wave of racist violence against minorities. This is happening in addition when these communities are being disproportionately impacted by Covid-19 with death rates running at twice that for white people. This is due to the discrimination and poverty faced by many for generations.

These same communities are disproportionately to be found on the frontline of the fight against Covid – from delivery drivers to cleaners and nurses. In the UK the first 10 doctors to die were all from ethnic minority background and mostly Muslims. Stand up. Fight back!Racist police in the US, Europe, the UK and elsewhere, are using the lockdown as an excuse to unleash a wave of racist violence against minorities.

This is happening in addition when these communities are being disproportionately impacted by Covid-19 with death rates running at twice that for white people. This is due to the discrimination and poverty faced by many for generations.

These same communities are disproportionately to be found on the frontline of the fight against Covid – from delivery drivers to cleaners and nurses. In the UK the first 10 doctors to die were all from ethnic minority background and mostly Muslims. Stand up. Fight back!

London Police beat cuffed black youth for possession of small amount of cannabis

If you were distressed from watching the video of a defenceless child being brutally assaulted by Detective Constable Kevin Rawley of the Metropolitan Police and want to make a complaint, plz see below and link to the complaints form.

How to make a complaint about this police violence

The procedure for submitting a complaint is a simple process. Feel free to adapt the template below:

“When did this happen?


Approximate time or additional details about the time of the event.

Late afternoon

Please describe the event and what happened in as much detail as possible.

I have been adversely affected by the conduct of a police officer that involves a serious assault” I was traumatised and
appalled by watching a video of Detective Constable Kevin Rowley carrying out a violent unprovoked assault using his baton on a defenceless young man who was in handcuffs. This is not the sort of service we expect from our police force.

This officer needs to be reprimanded and firm action taken as an example to the rest of the Metropolitan police force that such brutal assaults on defenceless citizens is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

Do you have a reference number linked to this complaint?

Not given

What do you feel would be a suitable outcome from this complaint?

Removal of Detective Constable Kevin Rowley, the officer involved in carrying out the assault as he is a danger to society and a rotten apple in the police force.

Information to make your complaint: Jason Gwillim is the Tri Borough Commander for the area and Andrew Rosindell is the MP for Romford!!

Thanks to Sista Shanice