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Racist Bristol police Taser their own race relations adviser

Police in Bristol Tasered their own race equality adviser, 63-year-old Judah Adunbi. Racism runs deep in the British police force, as it does in the racist Tory government.

Adunbi,was walking his dog near his Bristol home on Saturday when he was ‘mistaken’ by police for a wanted man.

He argued with officers who demanded he give them his name before he was tasered and knocked to the ground by the force of the weapon.

The grandfather, who is a co-founder of the Independent Advisory Group the City,  thought he was going to die.

No Justice No peace. No Racist police.

Racists everywhere – including in the police – feel empowered by the racism of Donald Trump and the racist campaign to get the UK out of the racist European Union

British police have killed at least 11 people with Tasers in the past decade

Sorry to link to the racist Daily hate Mail. Will change as soon as we have another version of the video we can embed.

Protest the Trump inauguration #J20 @US embassy and across the UK

Join the Dump Trump protests this Friday and the Women’s march on Saturday.

Trump is a clear and present danger to people of colour and all working people. We will not let his hate and division beat us. Let’s unite the struggles of all progressive forces in a movement to push back this bigot and the rising tide of racism associated with him.

Trump challenged Obama from day one of his presidency with his racist ‘birther’ movement. We must do the same. No normalisation of sexism and racism!

But let’s not forget also that it was the Democrats who threw away the US presidential election. Why didn’t they campaign in the rust belt states? Obama’s presidency promised changed but did not deliver. The black elite are showing themselves to part of the problem – yes we are are talking about you Kanye West (met Trump) and MLK III (met Trump also).

Since 2007/8 95% of the population in western countries have seen their incomes stagnate. The only beneficiaries of the years of neoliberal economic policies and the austerity policies have been the rich and their corporations.

We will need a massive social movement – not stunts to shut airports or disrupt transport hubs with tiny groups of middle class white people.

Unfortunately BLMUK – with whom we are not connected – have given us all a bad name with their stupidity, although we must defend those arrested and brought before the courts.

Without struggle there is no progress. Join the fightback in 2017!

Go to the Facebook event

There are local protests around the UK on Friday (and globally). See details below:

Dump Trump

  • Friday 20th January 2017: 5pm Trump inauguration protests
    Stand Up To Trump protests are planned in over 28 towns and cities across Britain on 20th January. The day Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President of the USA (see below for local details).
  • Barnsley Trump protest: 11am (Sat 21 Jan) May Day Green, Barnsley Precinct.
  • Bristol Trump protest: 5.30pm The Fountains (opposite Hippodrome) Central Promenade City Centre Bristol BS1 4XG
  • Liverpool Trump protest: 5.30pm, (steps of) Lime Street Station, Liverpool L1 1JD
  • Newcastle Trump protest: 5.30pm, Grey’s Monument, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6JG

Huddersfield man Mohammed Yassar Yaqoob shot and killed by police

From the Guardian – An investigation is under way after a man was shot and killed by police during a pre-planned operation on the M62 motorway in Huddersfield.

Police said the incident was not terrorism-related, adding that there had been five arrests: three at the scene and two in a “related stop” of another vehicle in Bradford.

The man who died was named locally as Mohammed Yassar Yaqoob, 28, from Huddersfield.

Witnesses described an “absolute hive of police activity” as armed officers swooped on a car near junction 24 of the busy motorway at about 6pm on Monday. more

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Charlotte cop walks free after shooting to death Keith Lamont Scott

From the Charlotte Observer – No charges will be brought against Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer Brentley Vinson in the September shooting death of a man in University City, District Attorney Andrew Murray announced Wednesday.

Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was shot Sept. 20 in a confrontation with officers outside his apartment.

Murray said that evidence in the case shows that Scott stepped out of his SUV with a gun in his hand and ignored at least 10 commands from the five officers on the scene to drop it.

Murray said that Scott obtained the gun – which had been stolen in Gaston County – 18 days before the confrontation. One bullet was found in the chamber of the gun, the safety was off and Murray said Scott’s DNA was found on the grip and ammunition slide.

Murray said that speculation in the community that Scott was unarmed – initial reports from a family member on Facebook said he was holding a book – were untrue.

“A reading book was not found in the front or back seats of Mr. Scott’s SUV,” Murray said.

Officer Vinson’s gun was examined after the shooting and four bullets were missing, Murray said. Guns taken from the other officers at the scene had not been fired, he said.

Black Lives Matter Movement at huge Stand Up To Racism conference

img_3080sonja kadisha capres

Over two hundred people crammed into the overflowing Black Lives Matter workshop at the 1,600-strong national conference of Stand up to Racism. The organisation is being relaunched to step up the fight against the rise in racism. Kadisha Burrell (Kingsley Burrell Justice Campaign), Capres Turner (Black lives matter summer protest organiser), Gary McFarlane (Black Lives Matter Movement and NUJ Black Members Council) and US Black Lives Matter activist Sonja Patrick on video stream from Wilmington North Carolina spoke at the BLM workshop, which included a wide-ranging and lively discussion.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and newly appointed Shadow Hoome Secretary Diane Abbott also addressed the gathering. Next steps include the United Friends and Family Campaign march on 29th October and before then the fight to stop the demolition of the Calais camp is stepping up. On Saturday 15th October at 2pm a demonstration is taking place to demand that our uncivilised government does its humanitarian minimum and at the very least lets the unaccompanied children living in the Calais hell-hole into the UK. Children will disappear into the hands of traffickers if the camp is demolished without providing for the people there. The French presidential election candidate contenders are jockeying for position by competing to be the hardest on migrants and refugees.  Help Refugee Children in Calais: Enact Lord Dubs Amendment Now! #DUBSNOW