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  • Jun 15 2020

    A Song For Equality

    I would like to share something my daughter did a couple days ago with you. I feel it really helps people to understand the journey and lived experiences of black people from a holistic perspective. It depicts, quite clearly, why we are so angry and it does this in the simplest of ways. I am very proud of her […]

  • words 4 BLM
    Jun 14 2020

    The natives are revolting Carruthers old boy

    I am a 72 year old white man. I cannot go out to join a protest as I am currently in self-isolation so my protest is in the poem below. The natives are revolting Carruthers old boy                                     […]

  • Jun 14 2020

    Eyewitness to far-right racist violence at London demo and lack of police response

    BLMM received the following eyewitness statement from a member of the public who was near the racist and fascist riot at Parliament Square on Saturday To whom it may concern, Today I was walking through Westminster and encountered a racist attack, which I wanted to report to you so that you had the information and […]

  • St Albans BLM
    Jun 14 2020

    St Albans BLM organiser reports from historic 1,000-strong protest

    Black Lives Matter Protests 12 June 2020 “George Floyd can’t just be another name. The knee has always been on our neck and we can’t breathe.” A mixed crowd of people came by foot, car, and wheelchair or with crutches from all over St Albans to gather at Verulamium Park on Friday evening waving banners […]

  • Grenfell 3rd anniversary
    Jun 13 2020

    Grenfell third anniversary 14 June – silent walk

    72 dead and still no justice. Solidarity with all the victims and their families. The Grenfell tragedy was ‘social murder’ by a government that gutted building regulations in the name of profits and deliberately weakened fire regulations and inspection resources. And the companies responsible for wrapping the tower in flammable cladding have still not been […]

  • Jun 12 2020

    Tottenham BLM protest – Say Their Names – Sunday 14th June 1pm

    BLMM and Stand Up To Racism Tottenham, Lordship Recreation Ground, N17 6NU Socially distanced protest. Bring signs, wear masks, bring sanitiser 1pm #SayTheirNames – Justice for the Tottenham dead at the hands of racist police – Mark Duggan, Joy Gardener, Roger Sylvester, Cynthia Jarrett

  • Jun 11 2020

    London protest – Friday 12th June 1pm Marble Arch

    BLM groups have decided to let the racist thugs fight among themselves, so the march has been moved from Saturday to Friday 12th. We have bigger fish to fry! Assemble 1pm. March from Marble Arch to Downing Street. Maintaining social distancing. Wear face masks. Brings your signs and placards. Given the police fondness for kettling […]

  • Jun 09 2020

    Saturday demo 13 moved to Friday 12th – assemble Marble Arch 1pm

    Protests – Saturday 13 June 1pm Hyde Park – march to Trafalgar Square has now been moved to Friday