Marcus Rashford attacked by Daily Mail for caring and investing

Marcus Rahsford is under attack from Daily Mail racists.

Manchester United footballer is a national hero in the UK, but you wouldn’t know it if you read the Daily Mail.

The right-wing ‘newspaper’ has made a career out of sniping at and hating on successful Black sporting professionals who don’t know their place.

So it is perhaps with no surprise that we have to report on the disgusting attacks on Rashford for having the audacity to earn a lot of money and to invest it for the future of himeslef and his family.

Racist Daily Mail doesn’t like Marcus Rashford sticking up for hungry kids

According to the Mail the Man U star and leader of the campaign to force the government to provide free school meals to the poorest children in the country during school holidays, there is something incongruous about his wealth.

The Daily Mail supports the Conservative government that has turned corruption into an art form as it hands billions in taxpayer money to its business friends – but you would be hard pressed any exposes of tihs in the Mail. Instead they prefer to pick on working-class footballers who they think have too much money, especially if they are black.

They can’t stand the idea of someone who would campaign to help poor people because he hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

The Daily hate Mail cannot understand altruism and caring about others. It finds it even more annoying that there are some black people who have lots of money.

On the one hand they blame black people for lack of ambition and then when you make it, they take you down for having the audacity to earn so much money!

Marcus Rashford is investing his money in property, as many of the more sensible pro footballers do. Footballers have a playing career that ends in their mid 30s at best, so they have to invest while the sun is shinning.

And being a generous guy, he isn’t doing it all for himself, but for his extended family. That should be something to be applauded not derided as the obnoxious Mail does.

Daily Mail supported Hitler and Mosley in the 1930s

The Daily Mail has a history of supporting fascism so, to repeat, we can’t be too surprised by the bile that it spews. Afterall, this is the so-called newspaper that brought us headlines in the 1930s proclaiming ‘Hurrah for the Blackshirts’, when they backed the Fascists and virulently anti-Semitic Oswald Moseley Fascists.

Daily Mail supported Fascism in the 1930s… and is still doing its bit to bolster violent racism today

But the Mail isn’t just picking on Rashford. They – and others in the British media – had it in for boxer Amir Khan in the past for being “arrogant”, continually poke at Formula One champion driver Lewis Hamilton for his ‘woke’ support of BLM and other causes.

Anthony Joshua has also been attacked for daring to stand up for racial equality.

They even attacked BLM for supporting the justice camapaign launched by the family of Edson da Costa, killed by police officers in 2017 in east London.

Star Wars actor John Boyega has also been sneered at by the same newspaper for speaking out in support of BLM at Hyde Park at the beginning of the summer at the protest in which our group helped to organise on the day.

Manchester City and England footballer Raheem Sterling has also got the racist treatment from the Mail and large sections of the British press, who insinuate that he just doesn’t try hard enough when he plays for England and that that might be to do with him being black – the subtext is he’s not realy English.

Papers like the Mail have rightly been singled out by Sterling and BBC football commentator and pundit Gary Lineker as the ones who help to fuel and boost the racists online that hound black sports stars and anti-racists such as Linkeker who dare to speak out in favour of refugees.

The Mail is a stain on society and along with the rest of the billionaire press should be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Outrage as Manchester uni security guards racially profile black student

There was outrage at the end of last week after Manchester Uni security guards racially profile one of the institution’s black students as he tries to enter his hall of residence.

The incident took place on Friday 13th November on the university’s Fallowfield campus.

The racist security guards who violently slammed the student against the wall associate black skin with not “looking right” on a university campus.

Apparently there has been a lot of drugs being dealt and used by students (yeah, that stuff happens at universites) and if you are black you must be the drug dealer!

What is the name of this security firm? They need to lose the contract with the university.

All of the security guards involved need to be fired forthwith.

Manchester uni racial profilingof its black students is intolerable.

The University told the Guardian newspaper, “On Saturday 14 November we were made aware of an alleged serious incident on our campus and began investigating it immediately. We have been in regular contact with the affected party and keeping them fully informed of our progress.”

But as yet no action has been taken against the company that provides the security service, although the guards have now been suspended.

No respect for students as Univesity of Manchester tries to fence in students

This outrage follows the university erecting fencing around student halls as they sought to cage them in on campus as supposed Covid safety measure.

A student rebellion led to the tearing down of the fencing, forcing the university to apologise.

Universities across the UK duoed students into returning to campuses in order to pocket their fees and rent monet , while providing no Covid safety measures.

On the contrary, cramming students into halls and busy campuses turned universities into major Covid hotspots in their communities.

Manchester uni racially profile black students – rush complaints to:

Media Relations contacts

Jordan Kenny (News and Media Relations Manager) 
tel +44 (0)161 275 8257
mob +44 (0)7748 747079

The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
M13 9PL

Tel +44 (0) 161 306 6000

Twitter: @UoMNews

The National Union of Students needs to get on this sharp!

Million MAGA March losers fail to mobilise for fuhrer Trump

updated 10:00 GMT 15 November 2020

The million maga march is a flop – official! The Trump diehards haven’t quite managed the million they had claimed would be in attendance.

Instead, there was a rag-bag showing more like in the hundreds, not even the thousands.

Trump, who didn’t exactly do a lot of work for the people in his four years as president, is doing even less now.

Indeed, it was when he was on the way to play golf at one of his nearby courses that his cavalcade ran into a gaggle of his enthusiastically deranged supporters who swarmed his car.

Some of his fans were impressed by his apperance; others not so much. This from the Washington Post at the scene in DC:

“He drove right past me. I saw him. He waved right past me,” one man said, squatting to collect himself.

A group of women huddled around their phone, looking at a video they took of Trump’s appearance.

“He looked fake,” one said. “I’m still shaking.”

Among those that turned out were the fascist thugs that otherwise go by the name of the Proud Boys.

Here you can see the Nazi thugs initiating a new member of the tribe (try not to laugh):

They couldn’t find any black people to beat up on and looked rather disconsulate (turns out the cowards waited until nightfall to do that).

As usual at gatherings of the Trump meat-heads, there were no masks in evidence on Freedom Plaza, so the covid virus was certainly having a good day out.

After they had finished with the bonding thing, the Proud Boy thugs started rioting, pretty much on the order of Trump:

Fascist-enabler Trump didn’t hold back on Twitter with his call for violence, in what the Huffington Post described as a ‘stunningly vicious post’:

ANTIFA SCUM ran for the hills today when they tried attacking the people at the Trump Rally, because those people aggressively fought back. Antifa waited until tonight, when 99% were gone, to attack innocent #MAGA People. DC Police, get going — do your job and don’t hold back!!!

Million MAGA March of racists ‘heartwarming’ says Trump

Trump called the gathering of the far right and various hangers on “heartwarming”, as you would expect of the fascist enabler.

But the Trump well-wishers are not having the streets to themselves – far from it.

BLM and anti-fascist counter-protesters showed up early and made sure ‘LOSER’ signs were in view for the arriving ‘millions’.

There’s no sign yet of Alex Jones and his gang of militia terrorists who said on Thursday they would be showing up today.

Meanwhile, the TikTok generation is raining on Trump’s parade again. The #millionmagamarch hashtag has been taken over by the youth of America, with a proliferation of pancakes (Biden flipped four states, Trump none) to make the point about who actually won the election.

The MAGA crowd earlier in the day ripped down BLM memorials to Black men mudered by police. Those memorials have largely since been repaired, as the smell of buring MAGA flags fills the air:

One of the many MAGA flags that burned last night as the Million MAGA March descended into fascist-inspired violence. 20 were arrested. Trump’s neo-Confederate white supremacist base seems to have forgotten that since the civil war Washington DC has been a black city. Don’t come back!

Met police BAME recruitment will fail because of racism

The institutionally racist London Met police introduces its so-called “race action plan” today, and a key recommendation will be that 40% of new recruits must come from black and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

Unfortunately, however, the head of the London police, Commissioner Cressida Dick, remains in denial about racism in the force.

At a recent select committee parliamentary hearing on the police’s outrageous racial profiling seen in its rampant and ineffective (from the point of view fighting or preventing the commission of crimes) stop and search policies, Dick claimed the disproportionate number of black people being stopped was “because they committed more crime”, despite evidence to the contrary.

Netpol highlights over-policing of BLM protests

In addition, a report this week from from Netpol, a network of police monitoring groups, has discovered what we already knew – the BLM protests were over policed by Uk police.

Violent incidents were almost not existents around the country and when some scuffles with police happened in London it was in response to police actions, such as when they charged horses into peaceful protesters on Whitehall.

Police more violent towards black people

Not only are black people disproportionately stopped and search, the police also use more violence when doing so than the average for society as a whole.

Recruitment of officers from minority backgrounds has increased markedly in recent years, but that has made no difference to the institutional racism with the ranks of the Met. This is no surprise – it is the institution that is the problem.

Individual police officers can no doubt be “non-racist” or even “anti-racist” but the culture and operational practice of the police is the problem and that stems from the nature of the work they do. Policing is about maintaining the rule of those at the top of society and racism is a useful divide and rule stratagem.

Police are more racist than rest of society

Add to that the fact that we live in a racist society, it is not surprising that the police are racist. But the key point here is that the police do not just reflect society – they are the worst of society. The oppressive nature of their job leads them to operate in a fashion that presupposes that working-class people commit more crimes and that black people as part of that, are the worst offenders.

So when shocking crimes such as the ignoring of fire regulations that led to the installation of flammable cladding to blocks of flats, such as at Grenfell in west London, leading directly to the deaths of at least 81 people, not a single person has gone to prison or even been prosecuted.

So what are the chances of the police hitting their 40% target for black and minority ethnic new recruits? Zilch. The police are uniformly hated in the black community for good reason.

BLM movement puts Met police on the back foot

But the fact that the Met police are talking about a “race action plan” is because of the power of the mass movement on the streets that took hold in the BAME mobilisations – supported by hundreds of thousand of white allies – behind Black Lives Matter summer.

The police have been forced to do some window dressing, but behind the scenes nothing much will change.

Instead, we need to strengthen the movement on the streets and in our communities and social organisations as our best defence against police racism.

We need to get to a situation where every time they stop and search a black youth in London, they are met by a surrounding throng of concerned citizenry challenging their behaviour.

Met police BAME effort set to fail

Having more black faces in the police will make no difference. Just as in the US where there are plenty of black officers in police forces, it hasn’t stopped the continuing reign of terror by the police there. Indeed, whole police departments in the inner cities are supposedly run by black politicians – from police chiefs to attorney generals – but the racist murders by police still take place daily.

Dr Adam Elliott-Cooper on the Netpol report into over-policing of Black Lives Matter protests in the UK

Read more on the case for scrapping Section 60 – the powers that allow police to apply draconian laws to whole borough so they don’t even have to provide a reason for stopping people. The number of such stops are on the rise in the big cities, especially London and the Birmingham.

BAME and frontliners not on Covid vaccine priority list

Despite the well-documented fact that those from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds are twice as likely to die from Covid, that’s not enough to warrant inclusion on the priority list for the rollout of Covid vaccinations.

Just two weeks ago the inquiry into the disproportionate deaths among BAME communities led by Baroness Doreen Lawrence, mother of Stephen who was murdered in a notorious racist attack, found that “systematic racism” was at the root of the problem.

Working-class people in general, and those from BAME backgrounds in particular, are dying in larger proportions because of the jobs they do, not the genes they have.

This is because working-class people are much more likely to be in jobs where they can’t work from home, and this applies doubly so to those from Black and Asian backgrounds.

Health inequalities key to understanding higher death rates among those from BAME and working-class backgrounds

Professor Wei Shen Lim, chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, said yesterday that it was “really, really important” to take into account disparities between ethnic groups and the related health inequalities.

It should be added that the disparities between social groups, namely those doing the frontline jobs from all ethnic backgrounds, should be at the front of the queue for a Covid vaccine.

“We know that there has been a disproportionate representation of Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups for severe Covid disease, and the underlying factors behind that association are complex, and they are multiple,” said Lim.

But the government is ignoring the scientists, as usual.

The first doctors to die from Covid in the UK were all from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds

Researchers at the universities of Leicester and Nottingham have found that Asian people are the most likely to have the worst outcomes (a euphemism for being most likely to die) from Covid and this was because of social conditions not genetics. 

Dr Shirley Sze from the University of Leicester who led the study said: “The clear evidence of increased risk of infection amongst ethnic minority groups is of urgent public health importance.

“We must work to minimise exposure to the virus in these at-risk groups by facilitating their timely access to healthcare resources and target the social and structural disparities that contribute to health inequalities.”

– Dr Shirley Sze

And even where a middle-class demographic is concerned, such as doctors from BAME backgrounds in the NHS (see picture above), the impact of institutional racism rears its head: non-white doctors are far more likely to be working on the Covid wards (as our BAME nurses) and much less likely to be the senior consultants who are most distanced from the frontline.

But despite all of this evidence, and the mounting death toll which is now the highest in Europe, the government has so far refused to make those from Black and Asian communities – or the poorest in the northern cities for that matter where the incidence of poverty and other markers such as overcrowding and poor diet are more prevalent – a priority for the rollout of the Pfizer vaccine.

Since this video was made, Hesketh Benoit can count 37 people he personally knows who have died from Covid, as reported in the Huffington Post

Greg Clarke’s racism shows British football is rotting from the head

One third of the players in the premier league are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the top of the game.

And where better to start than with the chairman of the Englsih Football Association Greg Clarke.

In comments to the culture and sport select committee in parliament yesterday, he managed to offend almost everyone.

Girls scared of getting hurt by the ball says Clarke

He wrote-off half of humanity when he claimed that girls and women were scared of getting hurt by the football.

Tell that to Megan Rapinoe!

Megan Rapinoe

Being gay a ‘life choice’ says Clarke

He then moved on to gay people, where he said sexuality was a “life choice”.

Racist generalisations about Asian fans and players

 As for people from South Asian backgrounds, he reckons they are more interested in being a doctor or accountants, which apparently is meant to explain why there are so few Asian people involved at the higher levels of the game.

According to Clarke, there’s “a lot more South Asians than there are Afro-Caribbeans” in the FA IT department because “they have different career interests”.

“Coloured” like its 1950 or apartheid South Africa

And just to cap it off he decided to deploy the racist 1950s word coloured to descrribe black people.

This all comes after months of Black Lives Matter movement protests.

This is after the FA claimed to be supporting the cause of racial equality by urging players and clubs to get behind taking the knee.

The sad truth is that the people who run the game are far behind the times and need to be cleared out wholesale.

Players should strike action against Football Association’s racist bosses

It is not surprising when people like Clarke are running the game that such little progress has been made on diversity. There are still just three non-white managers in the whole of the professional game.

Fans – black and white – deserve better than this.

BLMM urges black players and their white colleagues to demand that this happens and to threaten strike action until it does.

As campaign group Kick it Out has pointed out, the FA launched its diversity code just a couple of weeks ago – it’s such a shame the FA don’t follow it!

Registration of black people and young surged after George Floyd murder

From TargetSmart

The entirety of the Trump presidency has been marked by uncertainty and volatility for our country, exponentially more so during the coronavirus pandemic. As we focused our efforts on understanding how a pandemic which has seen people of color impacted more severely than white Americans, the creation of an economic recession, and an inspiring movement for racial justice and equality might impact the November elections, we turned our focus to voter registration and turnout trends.

While we will have a more comprehensive analysis to share soon, I wanted to share some of our initial findings, as I believe they at once demonstrate the challenges that lay ahead of us while providing hope that we can and will prevail.

As we shared in our recent analysis, voter registration slowed immensely in the first several weeks of the pandemic taking hold in our country. Election offices were closed, and in-person voter registration efforts were halted. Our analysis showed that, while those who were registering to vote were slightly more likely to be white, Republican, and older as compared to prior to the pandemic, the overall gaps were minimal and generally no more than a few hundred voters per state.

Following the activism that took place after the murder of George Floyd and demands for justice and equality, along with states gradually re-opening around the country, we took this opportunity to check-in on voter registrations and reflections in the electoral process.

The earliest sign came from Georgia, as the state began allowing voters to cast early ballots in person for their June primary. We found a significant surge in turnout among Black voters, who comprised 35% of early ballots cast before the demonstrations, and 47% after they began. Youth intensity also surged as well, with voters under the age of 30 seeing their early vote share almost double in a day:

Voter registration in Georgia

And all the hard work paid off in driving Trump out of office. But we will need to stay on the street to win justice.

F**k off Trump

Video: Scottish oilfield worker racist abuses colleague on camera

Video: Scottish oilfield worker racially abusing his co-worker!

Niall McCormack – convicted murderer and racist

Niall Cormack, 43, is a vile racist.

He works for a company called Northern Shore and is based in Dubai.

Here he is on camera brazenly racially abusing a colleague.

Cormack also happens to be a convicted murderer and the company has not sacked the individual.

Northern Offshore is a US company.

You can contact the company by phone, snail mail or through their web contact page to complain and demand the sacking of Cormack.

To its credit the story was reported in the Scottish Sun newspaper.

Northern Offshore – Houston Office

Energy Center II
575 N. Dairy Ashford, Suite 200
Houston, Texas 77079

Main Tel: +1 281 649 2600
Main Fax: +1 281 649 2677

South Sudan: floods threaten 800,000 – but there’s water on the moon!

South Sudan: Severe floods threaten 800,000 people Our teams are providing medical aid to cut-off communities as the threat of disease outbreaks grow

I don’t understand, I really don’t. Please compare this with this:

Water on the Moon could sustain a lunar base – BBC NewsHaving dropped tantalising hints days ago about an “exciting new discovery about the Moon”, the US space agency has revealed conclusive evidence of water on our only natural satellite…

800,000 lives are at risk, because these people do not have access to proper sanitation. 2020 and with all the technology at our fingertips and we can’t even conserve water or prevent flooding! Land swamped in water, homes destroyed, people dying from malnutrition, sickness, and disease and despite all this rainfall Humanitarian Aid Agencies are having to distribute 60,000 litres of water!

How many times do natural events like this have to happen before the world says enough is enough?

The world is spending billions of $’s on Space Exploration so that people can go and live on a dark, inhospitable planet when they could be helping people here on Earth. When nations in this world could be spending Billions trying to improve lives here on Earth. 

South Sudan floods expose upside down world priorities

IMAGINE  If the people of South Sudan had proper sanitation if they had been able to conserve all this rainfall. Imagine, how they could have used it to grow crops, feed their livestock and turn the desert wasteland of South Sudan into green pastures. 

I understand that the world is facing the pressures of Climate Change and I understand that people are fearful, but what the world must do is turn these severe weather events to its advantage! We might get extreme storms and rainfall but IMAGINE if we were able to conserve it and especially in Third World Countries! If a Meteorological Supercomputer is able to predict exactly where rainfall is going to happen then why can’t we prepare and build temporary reservoirs and find ways to channel it and conserve it.




THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable DevelopmentHistory . The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing – in a global
Our supercomputers – Met OfficeOur latest Cray supercomputer, or High-Performance Computer (HPC), takes in hundreds of thousands of weather observations from all over the

Met Office developing world’s most advanced weather computer | UK weather | The GuardianThe Met Office’s supercomputer will help select the most suitable location for flood defences. Pictured, a family is rescued from Nantgarw, Wales, during Storm Dennis on 16
Donate to MSF’s Emergency Response

Audio: Gay man tries to report homophobic harassment by police to police

BLM received this audio from a gay man who has been the subject of homophobic harassment at the hands of West Mercia police.

He rang up to complain. The trouble who do you complain to when it is the police that are breaking the law, allegedly?

The victim tried complaining to professional standards ( ) but couldn’t get an answer. He emailed but no response, so he rang, again – this is the recording.

The conversation begins at 2m 10s

In the converdsation that follows the police officer taking the call claims that the police are a persecuted minority!

From our email correspondent:

I have requested the camera footage from Bridgnorth police who without just cause entered my mum’s property abusing section 135 after threatening her (A pensioner).

I tried to resolve this by phone but you were not interested and kicked her door in instead and then ran off when you realised 2 officers – one in the front & back – being threatening was a massive abuse of power especially as this was under the pretence of worrying about my mental health. 

Then when I call to discuss this your staff then proceed to say the police are a minority group and I am labelling them unfairly.

Solidarity against police brutality and racism