Tribe Named Athari (LDNBLM) calls ‘conversation’ RALLY – brixton, friday 24th july 5pm

Tribe Named Athari (formerly LDNBLM) invite you to link up.

Windrush Square, Brixton, London

Friday, 24th July 5pm

A rally happening in the heart of Brixton. Less of a demonstration and more of a conversation.

A platform for discussion and expression!

We want to bring further understanding to who we are and what we stand for.

Tribe Named Athari (TNA) was formerly LDNBLM and were keyfacilitators in some of the major London protests.

‘Athari’ is Swahili (we think) for impact.

BLM Facts and Stats on why black lives matter – thanks to ABLUK

From All Black Lives UK

When we shout Black Lives Matter, we never said other lives don’t matter…

…we said WE MATTER TOO.

We can go on for days explaining to you why we have to still scream Black Lives Matter, but let’s let the ‘Facts + Stats’ do the talking!

Creds to our Co-Founder @n0tasha_ and our graphic designer Tom for creating these ✊🏾✨

Black Lives Matter Facts + Stats, compiled by ABLUK

Black women are five times more likely to die during pregnancy.

Black people are 10 times more likely to be stopped and searched.

Black people are 3.5 times more likely to be arrested.

Black people serve prison sentences that are 50% longer for the same crimes.

Black Caribbean children are 2.5x more likely to be temporarily excluded from school and 3x more likely to be permanently excluded.

White households on average earn 18% more than Black Caribbean households.

Only 37% of Black Caribbean people own their own homes compared to 68% for White British people

For every one white person, 3.7 black people are detained under Mental Health Act.

More ‘Facts + Stats’ to come…

Video: Herts police in violent assault on 16-year-old, knee on neck

“Let go of my hand or I will f**king smash your face in, do you understand” screams a Hertfordshire police officer as he arrests mixed race 16-year-old youth in Hatfield.

The police chased the youth, took him to the ground. He was detained and arrested for suspicion of possession of drugs, strip searched and found to be carrying nothing and subsequently released.

The teenager pleaded with a passerby not to leave as he feared even more violent assault or worse at the hands of the police.

Knee on neck in widespread use by British police?

The violence of the arrest included another clearly documented use of the infamous knee on neck restraint technique.

This follows an incident in Islington last week and another in Brighton.

These are of course just the incidents we know about because they were caught on video by alert members of the public.

His mother, Lisa, has accused the police of carrying out a racist attack in the way he was singled out and subsequently assaulted.

“I do believe this was a racist attack,” she said.

“He is covered in bruises. We are very frightened that this officer is still serving although the incident has been referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct, the body for monitoring misconduct.”

Of the three friends only the white girl was allowed to leave the police officers’ presence unmolested.

The family have seen the racist officer three times outside their home since the violent attack.

Sack racist police now!

Why has this violent racist policeman faced no discipline. Indeed, why does he still have a job?

When asked why the teenager was stopped, the police says he looked “suspicious”, by which they presumably mean he looked a bit black.

More details at The Hertfordshire Advertiser

Solidarity with black lives matter: US workers Strike For Black Lives

Thousands of workers all over the US are walking out to show their support for the Strike For Black Lives. Read more about the background here.

From the Washington Post:

Tens of thousands of workers nationwide have or are planning to walk off the job Monday in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, hoping to draw closer scrutiny to the income inequality and systemic racism that organizers say have become more entrenched during the pandemic.

The “Strike for Black Lives,” as leaders have dubbed the campaign in more than two dozen cities, includes workers from a broad range of industries. Service Employees International Union, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, American Federation of Teachers and members of dozens of other labor and political groups plan to take part.

Participants are pushing for “an unequivocal declaration that Black Lives Matter” from business and political leaders; action from government officials to “reimagine our economy and democracy” with civil rights in mind; businesses to “dismantle racism, white supremacy, and economic exploitation”; and access to union organizing, according to a list of demands posted on the strike’s website…

…In New York, Antoine Andrews, a UPS driver in Long Island City and member of the Teamsters Local 804, helped lead more than 100 employees in a demonstration in front of their workplace early Monday morning. Andrews and co-workers did not strike, but wanted to express solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and send a message to their employer to take issues of inequality seriously. more

In Durham North Carolina:

From the Florida Poor People’s Campaign:

“One of the things we have to understand about a capitalistic system that began with slavery, is what the ultimate goal always is, and that’s to get wages as close to zero as possible, because the nation’s wealth was built on paying nothing.” @RevDrBarber

Across the country, essential workers are on strike for Black lives

From Vox:

Racial injustice and Covid-19 have collided for many essential workers. Today they’re on strike.

Fast food workers like Edie will be joined by an enormous swath of the workforce: other low-wage workers like airport employees, ride-hail drivers, nursing home caregivers, and domestic workers alongside middle-class teachers and nurses and even high-paid Google engineers. Those who can’t strike the whole day will walk off the job for eight minutes and 46 seconds, the amount of time a white police officer kept his knee on Black Minneapolis resident George Floyd’s neck before he died.

It’s a massive action that will bring together major unions as well as grassroots organizers. The Service Employees International Union, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and American Federation of Teachers will join forces with the Fight for 15, United Farm Workers, and the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Social justice organizations, such as the Movement for Black Lives, Poor People’s Campaign, and youth climate organizers will also participate. It represents a unique partnership: Labor unions don’t always act in concert, let alone partner with grassroots and social justice groups. more

Detroit: “[Corporations] talk about Black Lives Matter but they’re not standing with us. They’re not on the frontlines with us.”

UK anti-racist group Stand Up To Racism sent solidarity greetings

Carmarthen to Leamington Spa: BLM protests Saturday 18 – pictures from around the UK

BLM protests took place all over the UK last weekend, as they have for the past two months. Below we report on just some of them.

“Get your knee off my neck” – Justice for Marcus Coutain

Around 50 people gathered outside Islington police station on Saturday after an officer was filmed kneeling on Marcus Coutain’s neck as was being detained.

Islington black lives matter
Outside Islington police station in north London on Saturday 18 July

BLM protests in Lewsiham

Lewisham black lives matter
Lewisham black lives matter

Above: BLM protest in Lewisham, south east London

Below: Smethwick, West Midlands takes the knee

Around 60 people gathered in Smethwick to take the knee for racial equality.

Smethwick BLM protest
Smethwick blm

Leamington Spa says black lives matter!

Leamington Spa black lives matter
Leamington Spa

Above: Leamington Spa

Carmarthen, Wales: 100 turn out for Picton Must Fall! demo

A socially distanced demonstration calling for the removal of the Picton Memorial in Carmarthen and its replacement with a fitting memorial to the victims of Thomas Picton and slavery.

black lives matter stand up to racism
black lives matter stand up to racism
Picton Must Fall!
black lives matter stand up to racism

BLM LONDON protests reports and PICS Saturday 18 July – SUNDAY 19th

There were lively BLM protests in London on Saturday 18 July and Sunday 19th.

Saturday’s protest was in memory of Elijah McClain and the continuing fight for justice.

On Sunday there was also a march from Marble Arch to Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.

Pictures below from London BLM

BLM protest 18 July London
BLM protest, central London, Saturday 18 July
BLM protest 18 July London Oxford Circus
BLM protest, Oxford Circus sit down, central London, Saturday 18 July

“Get off my neck”: Protest at Islington police station, 12 noon Saturday 18 July

When does this end? That’s what black Londoners are asking themselves after video footage emerged of the police kneeling on a man’s neck during an arrest in Islington north London yesterday.

Fortunately for the man shouting “I can’t breathe” and “get off my neck”, he is still alive and has not suffered serious injury.

That’s no thanks to the police, and is instead due to the intervention of members of the public who were on hand to film this latest outrage.

One of the officers involved has been suspended, on full pay as usual, and another put on restricted duties.

Sack racist police thugs

Officers involved in such practices should be immediately sacked not effectively given time-off the job on full pay.

Maybe if they knew that they would immediately lose their jobs for such criminality they would think twice about going down that route.

Equally shocking is the fact that the police have no qualms about using this horrific restraint technique even after the murder of George Floyd and weeks of protests in the US and here in the UK.

It is not so much that the police are stupid. Instead it shows the depths of racist culture in the Met police. Every black person, in their eyes, is worthy of such treatment.

Protest at Tollington police station

Saturday 18 July

Stop Police Violence Now – Remember George Floyd

Protest Islington at Police Station

N1 0YY

12 noon

Called by Islington Stand Up To Racism

Twitter helping US authorities with BLM mass surveillance

Twitter is in the news for all the wrong reasons at the moment. But beyond the hack of the accounts of the great and the good, behind the scenes the microblogging site has been helping US law enforcement to track and surveil BLM protests.

Dataminr, a company that works closely with the social media platform has been using its privileged access to Twitter realtime data to inform law enforcement agencies about the latest posts of people they identify as BLM demonstrators and activists.

Both Twitter and Dataminr have previously made statements that neither would take part or assist in domestic surveillance, but according to a report by The Intercept this is clearly not the case.

Dataminr’s core business is aimed at providing corporations with a heads up on looming reputational risk issues by scanning social media to pick up signals.

Excerpt from The Intercept:

Dataminr’s Black Lives Matter protest surveillance included persistent monitoring of social media to tip off police to the locations and activities of protests, developments within specific rallies, as well as instances of alleged “looting” and other property damage. According to the source with direct knowledge of Dataminr’s protest monitoring, the company and Twitter’s past claims that they don’t condone or enable surveillance are “bullshit,” relying on a deliberately narrowed definition. “It’s true Dataminr doesn’t specifically track protesters and activists individually, but at the request of the police they are tracking protests, and therefore protesters,” this source explained.

The Intercept

Thanks Twitter: US mass surveillance… just like China?

In another report from The Intercept, journalists have uncovered how the police have ignored the real and present threat of right-wing terrorism around the BLM protests in the US, and instead preferred to pursue fictitious claims, trumpeted by Trump and others, about antifa.

The so-called Blueleaks hack has exposed the details of 700,000 cops in the US.

After the hack, Twitter shutdown the DDoSecrets site that had disseminated information about the Blueleaks hack. The Reddit sub – r/blueleaks has also been banned.

The leaked data dates from 2007 to June 14, 2020, so include much of the protests that took place following the murder of George Floyd by police.

Much of the information in the leaks has come from so-called Fusion centres set up post 9/11 with the purpose of enabling different state and Federal law enforcement agencies to share information.

Some of the hacked websites also included those where law enforcement collaborates with corporations in various guises, such as the Energy Security Council.

Many hacked sites also included data from the high-intensity drug trafficking area program (HIDTA).

And finally another bunch of websites were membership-only police officer associations of one type or another.

Of particular interest were the many instances of SAR reports uncovered – Suspicious Activity Reports.

One such SAR concerned a student seeking pro bono legal aid assistance from a law firm.

A racist lawyer saw it and contacted law enforcement.

“PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED SOLICITATION I RECEIVED FROM AN ANTIFA TERRORIST WANTING MY HELP TO BAIL HER AND HER FRIENDS OUT OF JAIL, IF ARRESTED FOR RIOTING,” he typed into an unhinged letter, in all-caps, that he mailed to the Marin County District Attorney’s office, just north of San Francisco.


Instead of throwing the lawyer’s communication in the garbage, it was uploaded to the local fusion centre as useful intelligence.

This is one example of an estimated 1,200 commmunity-submitted SARs.

Other SARs were similarly racist.

Again, the full story at The Intercept.

Please consider donating to The Intercept so they keep up with their brilliant investigative journalism.

Jen Reid statue replaces Edward Colson in daring dawn Bristol BLM action

Update: Thursday 16 July 2020Bristol City Council has removed the Jen Reid statue from the plinth and placed it in a museum to await collection by artist Marc Quinn

Catching the Bristol authorities totally unaware, a dawn action by BLM supporters has erected a stunning statue of Jen Reid, a BLM protester.

Jen was the protester who was photographed with raised fist on the empty plinth upon which once sat slave trader Edward Colston.

Two lorries and 10 people were involvement in the carefully planned erection of the Jen Reid statue.

The scuplture is by artist Marc Quinn.

Jen Reid told the Guardian, just before the statues were readied to depart the scene: “That’s pretty fucking ballsy, that it is.”

jen reid
Pictured Jen Reid. Courtesy: Graeme Robertson/The Guardian

Bristol has a vibrant radical artist scene and the action at 5am in the morning has combined with the radical roots of the city, from the Bus boycott in 1963 to the St Pauls riot of 1981.

An estimated 20,000 mostly white Bristolians took part in the protest that toppled Colston on 7 June 2020.

Bristol is the home town of elusive radical street artist Banksy.

The Jen Reid statue will no doubt rile the right-wing and racists everywhere who claim that removing the Colston statue was an affront to history.

In reality the throwing of Colston into the dock was the perfect location for the monstrous human rights abuser, kidnapper and murderer.

Commuters were gathering around the statue this morning to discuss its import.

“It is incredible seeing it,” said the daughter of Reid, Leila Reid.

Artist Quinn said: “Jen created the sculpture when she stood on the plinth and rasied her arm in the air. Now we’ve crystalised it.”

He continued: “It look like it has always been here.”

Jen Reid video: she told friends “you’re going to see a lot more of me”

“I’m elated excited, I’m full of pride. I feel really really proud. I shed a tear. It’s all about keeping the conversation going… keeping black lives matter at the forefront and making history” – Jen Reid

Solidarity against police brutality and racism